Best Vacuum for Apartment – Reviews and Top Picks

No matter where you live, cleaning your home is always on the top of your list of things to do. The best way to keep your home clean is to use a good and powerful vacuum cleaner, but to store them you need space.

Now living in an apartment, especially a small one, finding space to store a vacuum cleaner could be a huge problem on its own. Unless you buy the perfect size and weight that is powerful enough to do all the vacuuming jobs you need.

We have put together a list of our top 10 best vacuum for apartment cleaning that ranges from handheld, stick, upright and canister vacuums that would be perfect for cleaning your apartment.
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Comparison Table

Below is a quick comparison table for easy reference of our chosen Top 10 best vacuums for your apartment and their key features.

Dyson Cyclone Absolute Lightweight Cordless

  • Type: Stick Vacuum
  • Run Time: Up to 60 minutes
  • Motor: Dyson Digital V10
  • Bin Volume: 0.54 liters
BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagged Canister Vacuum for Apartments

BISSELL Zing Lightweight Bagged Canister 2154A

  • Type: Canister Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 6-feet rewind
  • Motor: Variable Speed
  • Dirt Bag: 2.5 liter
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Bagged Canister Cleaner

  • Type: Canister Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 20-feet quick release
  • Motor: 10 Amp
  • Dirt Cup: 2.5 liter
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Shark Rocket (HV302) Corded Ultra-Light

  • Type: Stick Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 25-feet
  • Motor: 500 Watt, 4.2 Amp 
  • Dirt Cup: 0.42 quarts
BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum

BLACK DECKER Cordless Handheld Vacuum 20V

  • Type: Handheld
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Motor: Black and Decker 20V
  • Dirt Bowl: 15 Ounces
NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless Eureka

Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless

  • Type: Upright Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 18-feet
  • Motor: 6 Amp
  • Dirt Cup: 2.7 liters
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away


  • Type: Upright Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 25-feet
  • Motor: 800 Watt
  • Dirt Cup: 2.2 quarts
Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister Vacuum

Compact C1 vacuum canister Pure Suction

  • Type: Canister Vacuum
  • Hose Length: 18-feet
  • Motor: 6-Stage Vortex 1200-W
  • Filter Bag: 3.5 liters
Shark Pet-Perfect II Hand Vacuum

Shark Pet-Perfect II Hand Vacuum

  • Type: Hand Vacuum
  • Battery Type: NiCad, NiMh, Li-Ion
  • Motor: 18V
  • Dirt Cup: 0.56 quarts
Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Fluffy Cordless V6 Vacuum

  • Type: Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Run Time: Up to 6 minutes on Max Power Mode
  • Motor: 350-watt Dyson Digital V6 
  • Dirt Cup: Unknown

10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment Review

1. Dyson Cyclone Absolute Lightweight Cordless

Key Features

  • Powered by a Dyson digital motor V10
  • Cordless with up to 60 minutes Run time with a non-motorized tool
  • Three power modes
  • Bin capacity of 0.54 liters
  • Advanced whole machine filtration
  • 14 concentric cyclones
  • Transforms into a handheld vacuum
  • Has a wall-mounted dock for recharging
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The first one on the top of our best vacuum cleaner for apartments list is the stick Dyson Cyclone Absolute vacuum cleaner.  The Dyson digital V10 motor powers the Dyson Cyclone Absolute vacuum cleaner. 

It is a perfect choice for apartment cleaning as it takes up very little space. It also gives you the ability to pick up both fine dust and large debris into a 0.54 liters dirt bin.

This lightweight and versatile vacuum is cordless and has a run time of up to 60 minutes with a non-motorized tool attached. Before use, it needs at least about 3.5 hours of charging time on the wall-mounted charging dock.

A great feature on this vacuum is an instant-release trigger that you need to press for it to run. This allows the vacuum to use the power of the battery only while you are cleaning. 

You can choose from three different power modes to control the suction power. There is a mode to suit the type of job and the type of floor you are cleaning. In suction mode, one you can expect to get up to 40 minutes of fade-free power with the soft roller cleaner head. In mode, Two 20 minutes of fade-free suction power and in Mode 3, the highest mode, up to 8 minutes of fade-free power.

The filtration system of this unit has 14 concentric cyclones and offers a whole-machine HEPA filtration. It is a perfect fit for people who suffer from allergies as it will keep the air around them clean

If you have carpets to clean in your apartment then this unit is perfect. It drives its stiff nylon bristles into the carpet to capture the dirt buried deep down inside the carpet. Also, for those smaller areas of cleaning, it transforms quickly and easily into a handheld vacuum.


  • Powerful Dyson V10 digital motor
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Offers three different power modes
  • Run Time of up to 60 minutes
  • Convenient wall-mounted docking station
  • Converts into a handheld


  • Have to keep your finger on the power button for it to run
  • The price tag is high

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to remove 2.5L-capacity bag
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Swivel steering
  • Reusable and washable filters
  • Air Flow Regulator
  • Power cord: 15-feet and hose length of 6’
BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagged Canister Vacuum for Apartments

The lightweight and compact design of the Bissell Zing 2154A is a great choice for an apartment with both carpets and hard floors. With a flip of a switch, you can easily go from one to the other.

The vacuum is powered by a variable-speed motor and comes equipped with a handle that allows you to easily carry it around. It also has 4 wheels underneath the canister for you to pull it along if you don’t feel like carrying it.

This vacuum features an easy to remove 2.5-liter dust bag, which allows you to change bags quickly when full. There is no need to first empty the dust cup and wash it out before you can use it again. It also offers pre-motor and post-motor filters that are washable for reusing again.

The Bissell Zing also offers swivel steering making maneuvering from one room to the next and around furniture a whole lot easier. For even more convenience, it is easy to store away as well, as it has a power cord of 15-feet but it also comes with an automatic cord rewind.

This unit also comes with useful tools to help make your vacuuming task easier. The tools are a telescopic wand, crevice a tool for narrow spaces, and a brush for dusting soft surfaces. It also includes dust bags and washable motor filters.


  • Light and compact
  • Swivel steering
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Easy to remove the dust bag
  • Useful tools for easier cleaning


  • Does not do that well with cleaning carpets
  • Suction power could be stronger

Key Features

  • 10 Amp canister vacuum
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dust cup capacity of 2.5 liters
  • Includes Blower Port
  • Fingertip controls
  • Ideal for bare floors, wood floors, and tiles
  • 20-foot power cord with quick release
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

For those who are searching for the best vacuum for small apartments. A cleaner that can clean not only their apartment but their vehicle as well quickly and efficiently. Then the Eureka Mighty Bagged Canister Cleaner (3670G) is for you.

This lightweight canister vacuum gives you 10-amps of power. This is ideal for sucking up debris and dust on bare floors, wood floors, and tiles. It has a dust capacity of 2.5 liters and a triple filtration bag system that is the perfect size for apartment cleaning. 

This vacuum offers some great features that we cannot ignore. Features that will help make your cleaning task easier. It has a power-touch handle with fingertip controls so that you can easily change the setting while you are busy vacuuming. It even includes a blower port and a quick release power cord of 20-feet.

It also comes with a variety of accessories that give you the option to clean more than your apartment floors. These accessories include powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets. A bare floor or carpet nozzle, a crevice tool, extension wands, and a deluxe floor brush.


  • Light and compact
  • 10-amp Power
  • Quick-release 20-foot power cable
  • A Blower port
  • A variety of Accessories


  • The power cable is a little short
  • It is lightweight but easy to pull the vacuum on its side

Key Features

  • Ultra-light and converts to a hand vacuum
  • 500 Watts and 4.2 Amps
  • Cord length of 25 feet
  • Fingertip control from hard floor to carpet
  • Swivel steering
  • Dust Cup Capacity is 0.42 quarts
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

The Shark Rocket (HV302) is the best vacuum for small apartment living. It is a 500-watt and 4.2 amps stick vacuum that is Ultra-light and weighs 8.2 pounds. This unit also has swivel steering for maneuvering around the furniture in your apartment.

This bagless vacuum has a dust cup capacity of 0.42 quarts is perfect for cleaning carpets, hard floors and comes complete with a car and home detail set to clean the smallest of areas. 

With this vacuum, you can easily switch from carpet to hard floor by using the fingertip control. In addition, for those smaller jobs that need a quick clean up, it converts into a hand vacuum.

The Shark Rocket (HV302) has a power cord of 25-feet and offers two ways of storing it. You can either secure the stick vacuum to the wall mount or attach the hand vacuum to the bottom of the wand.


  • It is lightweight
  • Fingertip controls
  • Converts to a hand vacuum
  • Swivel steering
  • Two Storage options


  • Suction could be more powerful
  • Feels a little heavy in your hands when using it

Key Features

  • Strong suction and fade-free power due to lithium technology
  • The capacity of the dustbowl is 15 ounces
  • 3 Stage filtration system
  • Cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter
  • Exclusive pivoting nozzle
BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum

If you are looking for the best small vacuum for small spaces that is handheld and offers a lot of power. The Black Decker 20V cordless vacuum is the one that you need.

This unit has a 3-stage filtration system that is easy to clean and works with a cyclonic action that keeps all the debris and dust away from the filter. The purpose of this is so that the filter does not become clogged and the suction power keeps going strong.

It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and carry around your apartment. This handheld vacuum has a large mouth so that you are able to pick up large debris. It also has a dustbowl that can hold up to 15 ounces of dust and debris before you need to empty and clean it out.

A favorite feature of the Black Decker 20V is the exclusive pivoting nozzle. This nozzle allows you to reach all those awkward and hard to reach areas in your apartment. In addition, if you need a brush or crevice tool to clean your upholstery. Simply flip the brush or extend the crevice into place to reach in-between the cushions.

This unit is cordless and runs on 20V lithium-ion battery. It offers strong suction and fade-free power. It also recharges on a compact charging base that also keeps the accessories organized.


  • It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery
  • Powerful suction that does not fade
  • Pivoting nozzle
  • Washable dustbowl and filter


  • Only for small and quick jobs as it has a short battery life
  • The extension piece does not stay in place

Key Features

  • Feather-light and compact design
  • Quick-release handle
  • Suitable for hard floors and carpets
  • Washable filter
  • Cleaning path of 10.5” wide
  • Snap-on crevice tool and dusting brush
NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless Eureka

The Eureka NEU100 Airspeed vacuum is another great choice for apartment cleaning. This vacuum is an upright vacuum that is compact and ultra-lightweight. It is also super easy to carry around from room to room or up the stairs.

This Airspeed vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning all types of floors. It runs with a 6-amp motor that gives it a powerful suction that is able to lift and pick up dirt and pet hair with its bristle brush inside the head. It also has a cleaning path of 10.5’’ wide. Therefore, you are able to complete your cleaning process easily and quickly on carpets and hard floors.

The Eureka NEU100 has a quick release handle so that you can attach a crevice tool or dusting brush to the tip of the handle. This makes cleaning hard to reach areas like air vents, upholstery and blinds a lot easier for you.

This effortless vacuum has a cord length of 18 feet and a dust cup that is easy to empty. The dust cup can hold up to 2.7 liters of dirt and a washable filter. The filter is low maintenance because all you need to do is rinse it and leave it to dry.

Another convenient feature that it has is that it includes a crevice tool and a brush for dusting. Both of these tools are easy to reach while you are busy vacuuming. They snap onto the vacuum cleaner and are there for when you need them.


  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • 6 amp motor
  • Can store attachments on the vacuum
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Washable filter


  • The power cord is a little too short
  • Not enough suction on hard floors

Key Features

  • Use as an upright vacuum or lift-away
  • Zero M self-cleaning brush roll for nonstop hair removal
  • 800 Watts
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • HEPA filter and swivel steering
  • Cord Length: 25 30 feet
  • Dust cup capacity of 2.2 quarts
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away

The Shark Navigator (ZU561) can be used as an upright vacuum or as a lift-away. This is ideal for those areas that are difficult to reach without standing on top of something. It will also not only deep clean your carpets but also clean itself with its Zero M self-cleaning brush roll for removing hair wrap.

With 800 watts, this powerful vacuum will clean your apartment swiftly and efficiently. It also collects all the dust and dirt in its dust cup that can hold up to 2.2 quarts.

If you have stairs or upholstery to clean, simply detach the canister to use as a lift-away to clean the above floor areas that are usually difficult to clean. It also offers a cord length of 25-feet and swivel steering for you to maneuver around furniture and to reach into those corners. 

This amazing best vacuum for apartments provides Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. The HEPA filter traps the dust and allergens inside the vacuum and leaves you to breathe fresher air.


  • Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap
  • Anti-Allergen and HEPA filter
  • Swivel Steering
  • Powerful and lightweight


  • This vacuum is a little noisy
  • Cost of vacuum is high

Key Features

  • Miele 6 stage variable speed Vortex motor
  • 6-setting Suction control
  • Filter bag volume is 3.5 liters
  • Air clean filter
  • Combination Floor head with a footswitch
  • Three extra accessories conveniently clip to the hose
Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum that is easy to store because it is compact but is still extremely powerful. Then the Compact C1 canister vacuum is another great choice for you.

With its 1200-W Miele 6 stage Vortex motor and six settings for suction power, this vacuum gives you the ability to clean any type of floors that you may have in your apartment.

The Miele Compact C1 canister vacuum comes with not only the long-standing brand name that goes back to 1899 of long-lasting and high-quality products but also with some incredible features.

It offers a large cleaning radius of 29.5 feet with the stainless steel wand. And when you attach one of the three additional accessories that are clipped onto the hose to the end of the wand. You will be able to vacuum your ceiling fans, blinds, and high up shelves.

This small, light and quiet vacuum comes with a combination floor head and rubberized wheels that work great on low-pile carpets and hard floors. It also has a footswitch and a metal plate, which allows you to switch between the two types of floors as well as glide easily across them. 

It also offers an Air Clean sealed system that consists of an Air Clean exhaust filter, a motor protection filter and has a filter bag that holds up to 3.5 liters of dirt.


  • It is compact and powerful.
  • The vacuum is light and extremely quiet.
  • Great on bare floors and low pile carpets.
  • Comes with controls for the suction
  • AirClean Sealed System


  • It is not great on rugs or deep pile carpet.
  • The power cord is too short.

Key Features

  • Powerful 18-volt cordless hand vacuum
  • Lightweight
  • Wall-mounted charging stand for rechargeable battery
  • Washable Filter
  • The capacity of Dust cup – 0.56 quarts
Shark Pet-Perfect II Hand Vacuum

The Shark Pet-Perfect II (SV780) is a powerful 18-volt cordless hand vacuum. As the name states, it is the perfect vacuum for pet owners that offers deep cleaning.

This best vacuum for tiny apartments has plenty of great features to offer. These features help you to take care of any small mess in your apartment, car, boat, or RV quickly.

This lightweight vacuum with twister cyclonic technology offers an extra-large detachable motorized pet brush for quick and easy pickups of pet hair and deep in-ground dirt. Its dust cup capacity is 0.56 quarts and has an easy to remove and washable filter.

The Shark Pet-Perfect II also comes with a charging stand that holds all the accessories.  The accessories included are a brush for dusting, a crevice tool, and the motorized pet hairbrush. Either you can place the charging stand on top of a counter or it can be mounted on to the wall.


  • 18-Volt cordless hand vacuum
  • Perfect for cleaning small messes and pet hair
  • Rechargeable battery with charging stand
  • Detachable motorized pet brush


  • It is on the noisy side
  • It does not seem to last long

Key Features

  • Dyson Digital V6 Motor
  • 2-Tier 15 Cyclone Airflow System
  • Max Power Mode provides 6 minutes of high suction
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Soft roller cleaning head and mini motorized tool
  • Invented for hard floors
Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The final vacuum on our top 10 lists of the best vacuum for apartment cleaning is the Dyson Fluffy Cordless V6 vacuum.

This stick vacuum was invented mainly for hard floors but can work on carpets as well. It picks up large debris and has enough suction to collect the fine dust as well. It offers high-quality performance with its powerful 350-watt Dyson Digital V6 motor and 2-tier 15 cyclones airflow system. 

The Dyson Fluffy V6 is cordless that provides 6 minutes of suction on the Max power mode. It comes with a mini motorized head that removes pet hair and ground-in dirt with the stiff nylon bristles. 

An amazing feature of this vacuum is that it has a soft roller head that removes all dirt from fine to large simultaneously. This action is done without leaving any scratches on your floors.

Another great feature is that this vacuum converts into a handheld vacuum easily. It also includes a docking station for recharging the battery, AC adapter, wide nozzle and hard floor tools, crevice tool, and a removable wand.


  • Cordless vacuum with charging station
  • Powered by a Dyson Digital V6 motor
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • 2-Tier 15 Cyclone Airflow System
  • It has a soft roller head and a mini motorized head


  • Battery life could be better
  • High price tag

Buying Guide

Important features to consider when buying the best Vacuum cleaner for your apartment.

When looking for the best vacuum for apartment cleaning, you need to look for one that will suit your needs and your preferences. There are six important features of a vacuum that you should focus on as well as a few other details before you make your final choice.

Important Details to Consider

The Size of your apartment

The Size of your apartment

The size of your apartment should be the first item you look at before considering any type of vacuum cleaner.  You will need to consider the total size of your apartment as well as the size of each room.

You should also consider the space you have to store the vacuum. For example, if you have a large apartment with decent sized storage space, then you can look at canister type vacuums.

But if you have a small apartment, then it is best to consider details like wall space for mounting a stick vacuum. But, if you don’t then a handheld vacuum might be a better choice for you. 

The type of floors your apartment has

The types of floors you have in your apartment are important details to consider.  This detail will affect your buying decision of the type of vacuum cleaner that you will choose.

If your entire apartment has hard surface flooring you should consider the type of surfaces. For example, if they are laminated floors, you should consider a type of vacuum with soft brush rolls to ensure you do not damage or scratch your floors.

If your apartment floors have carpets, then it is best to look at a vacuum that has a motorized brush and incredible suction power for deep cleaning your carpets.

And if your apartment has multi types of flooring, it is best to look at a vacuum cleaner that can handle all types of floors.

The occupants of your apartment

Another important detail to consider is the occupants of your apartment. If you have a roommate, a family and even pets, you should consider the amount of mess that the occupants of your apartment make. This could be spillages or even dust and dirt that are trotted into your apartment daily.

It is also a good idea to consider if you or any of your occupants have any allergies. Your decision on the type of vacuum would depend on the type of filtration system the vacuum offers.

The noise level of the vacuum is another detail to consider when you are thinking about the occupants of your apartment. You do not want to be disturbing other members of your apartment and other apartments in your building.

Be sure to check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner before settling on a specific type of vacuum. If the manufacturers do not state the noise level, you can always read customer reviews, if the vacuum is too noisy; they will mention it in their reviews.

Important features of the vacuum to consider

Weight and Size

As you know, vacuum cleaners are available in many different shapes and sizes which means their weight varies too. It would be better for you to consider the weight and size of your apartment cleaning because you will be carrying it around from one room to the next.

For apartment cleaning, there is not only the storage space to consider but also if you have stairs, small spaces, and high up areas to clean. For this, the best choice for you would be a lightweight vacuum like a stick vacuum.  

Suction Power

Look at the amount of suction power the type of vacuum offers. The amount of suction power you need would depend on the types of cleaning tasks you have in your apartment. It would also depend on the types of flooring you have throughout your apartment, like carpets, vinyl floors, and hardwood.

Choose a vacuum cleaner with enough suction power to handle the floor types as well as the smaller jobs like vacuuming upholstery, blinds, and other above ground cleanings.

Cords or Cordless 

Choosing between a vacuum that is cordless or corded for your department should be an easy choice to make. It would depend on whether you prefer to have constant power or be free of limitation while you are cleaning.

Both of these have their limitations. With a corded vacuum cleaner, you are limited to the number of power outlets you have in your apartment and how long the power cord is. With a cordless vacuum, you are limited to the operating time of the rechargeable battery.

So the best way to decide on which one would be best for you is to consider the amount of dust and dirt you have to clean and how often you intend on cleaning your apartment.

The filtration system

The next important feature to focus on is the type of filtration system the vacuum has to offer you. This is a vital feature especially if any occupant in your apartment has allergies. 

A vacuum cleaner with a great filtration system should collect 90% or more of the dust and dirt without releasing any back in the air while you are vacuuming. The best choice for this would be a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.

With or without a bag

You should also consider whether you prefer a vacuum with or without a bag. A vacuum that does not have a bag but has a dirt cup or holder offers you the option of removing the container when full, emptying it and washing it out before replacing it.

A vacuum with disposable bags can work out to be more expensive but it is also a more hygienic option for allergy sufferers. Every time the disposable bag is full, throw the entire bag in the bin and replace it with a new one.

If you choose the option of without a bag, you will need to consider the capacity of dust and dirt that the dirt cup can hold. And if you choose to go with the bagged option, you would need to make sure that you are able to easily buy replacement bags for your vacuum.

The vacuum’s Warranty

The vacuum’s warranty is another important detail to consider when choosing the best vacuum for apartment cleaning. It is important to know what parts and repairs are covered under the warranty and for how long.

The vacuum’s warranty also gives you a sign of how much faith a manufacturer has in their products.

Tips for getting rid of vacuum odors

We have seen many people complaining that their vacuums let out a nasty odor after a while of use. This is usually because they have missed the important step of regularly cleaning and maintaining their vacuums

In this section, we will cover some quick and easy tips for getting rid of those odors.

  • For a vacuum bag, change the bag and for a bagless one, wash the dirt cup with soap and water as well as the filters. Leave the filters to dry thoroughly before placing them back in the vacuum
  • If that does not help, check for and clean out pet hair and other dirt that may be clogging up the hose or intake valves.
  • If your vacuum has a filter, you can clean it properly and then spray it with a good smelling air freshener.
  • Use baking soda in two different ways as it neutralizes nasty smells from your vacuum. If you have carpets, you can sprinkle the baking soda directly onto your carpets and leave it for a while before you vacuum it up with the dust and dirt. Or, you can make a mixture of water and baking soda and wash out the dirt cup, filters and hose with the mixture. Rinse with fresh water, dry and return all items back to their place in your vacuum.
  • Use your favorite scent of essential oil. Apply a couple of drops of it on a cloth or paper towel and place it with your filter. Or, apply a couple of drops directly onto the filter of your vacuum.
  • Cinnamon is another option that can absorb bad smells in your vacuum. Dust a small amount of cinnamon into your vacuum bag or canister.
  • Place orange or lemon peels inside your dirtbag or filter cavity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Vacuum for apartment cleaning

What is the best choice of vacuum for an apartment?

Our choice is the Dyson Cyclone Absolute Lightweight Cordless (V10) Vacuum Cleaner.

How many times a month should you vacuum your apartment?

Under normal circumstances, you should vacuum your apartment at least once a week. If any of your occupants suffer from allergies, you should increase it to at least twice a week.

What are the most important features to consider when choosing the best apartment vacuum cleaners?

  • Weight and size for easy to use and store
  • Suction Power and noise level
  • Filtration System
  • With or without a bag
  • The Vacuum’s Warranty

When a description for a vacuum says with a sealed system, what does this mean?

A sealed system means that the vacuum has been designed in such a way to keep all the dust inside while you are busy vacuuming. It will not leave you gasping for air in a cloud of dust every time you use your vacuum.

Wrapping it all UP

Keep your own needs and preferences in mind when you want to choose the best vacuum for apartment.  Consider small details like the size of your apartment, storage space, and the type of suction power you need. 

Then decide if you prefer corded or cordless vacuums, handheld, stick or canister types of vacuums. All these little details will help you pick the best vacuum for you.

We hope that you have found the information that we have supplied you with helpful. We also wish you the best in finding your perfect vacuum for cleaning your apartment.





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