About Us

Smartvacuumguide.com is your number 1 stop shop/blog for incredible products and great cleaning tips. We pride ourselves as one of the best online websites that houses some of the best resources to take your cleaning expertise to a whole new level.  Our team of experts and product review profilers are committed to providing groundbreaking cleaning tips and recommendations of the best vacuums in the industry.

We have come a long way, from very humble beginnings to establishing a solid online presence with the aim of showcasing some of the most breathtaking vacuums in the world.  Our product review experts work round the clock to ensure that only the best are showcased on this site.

Smartvacuumguide.com is committed to providing customer-centric advice on the best product to purchase in relation to specific needs. Whether it is on a budget, for large spaces, small spaces or for specialty reasons – there is a vacuum cleaner to meet every need and a corresponding review guide to educate customers about the pros, cons and features.

Let’s face it; no one wants to spend hours in strenuous cleaning exercises because of wrong vacuum cleaners or bad cleaning routines. We are aware you have got other things to do, so unless you have been employed as a professional cleaner you will do well to take all the cleaning tips you can muster to heart. Smartvacuumguide offers a variety of effective tools, cleaning guides to help you arrive at a powerful clean in as little time as possible.

We are here for you – whether it’s to clear out the clutter, vacuum out dog hair, clean out crumbs or specifically take care of sensitive floors just before visitors get to your doorstep.

Our Mission

Our mission and success stem from the fact that we give a listening ear to the problems and concerns of our customers.  Most have confided in us that they need cleaning routines that fit into their busy life schedules instead of having their life centered on cleaning. This website was born out of the passion to meet the needs of numerous customers who want a cost-effective way of vacuuming various floor types with the most innovative tools available.

To further buttress our mission, we consistently update the site by introducing newer technologies and innovative cleaning tips that help users get the most out of their cleaning routines.  As experts in the field of floorcare with over 50 years of experience, we’ve never stopped striving to make the cleaning routines of our customers easier, effortless and quicker.

Forward Guidance into the Future

The top agenda for our company for the future is centered around product review information on some of the most innovative technologies in floor care and vacuums. To achieve this goal we employ the services of renowned experts in the field of vacuum cleaning as well- as customer-centric online reviews to fuel our passion into the future. Whether it’s for deep cleaning or the occasional mess clearing, we are here to stay with the right information and tools.