Best vacuum for vinyl floors – Our Top Choices

You are feeling so proud that your home is looking exquisite. The reason for this is that you have completed the job of laying down brand new vinyl floors.

Your biggest concern now is maintaining it and keeping it clean. You know that you have to be gentle and avoid scratching it while you clean it. So, you are looking for the best vacuum for vinyl floors that will help you easily clean dust, dirt and a lot of pet hair.

In this article, we discuss and review the Top 10 Best Vacuums. These vacuums are the perfect vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors. We have included a buying guide of the important features to look out for in a vinyl floor cleaner to help your decision making easier for you.

Here is a comparison table so that you can have a quick glance at the different vinyl floor vacuums on our top 10 list. Included are some of their most important features.


Product Name



Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Symphony Hardwood Microfiber

  • Type: Upright
  • Motor: 3.3 Amps
  • Steam and Vacuum
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Type: Stick Cordless
  • Run Time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Motor: Dyson V8 digital
Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Cleaner

Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood Bagless

  • Type: Stick v-shaped
  • Power rating: 6 Amps
  • Power cord: 20 feet
Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner All New

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner All New

  • Type: Robotic
  • Power: 2600mAh Li-ion battery
  • Run Time: Up to 120 minutes
Shark DuoClean Ultra-Light Lift-Away Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Shark DuoClean Ultra-Light Lift-Away

  • Type: Stick, handheld
  • Power: 505 Watts, 4.2 Amps
  • Power cord: 30 feet
MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded 17KPa Suction Stick Vacuum for Plank Floors

MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum

  • Type: Stick
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Power cord: 23 feet
  • Washable HEPA and Filter
Eureka Power Speed Turbo Spotlight Bagless Upright Vinyl Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEU188A Power Speed Spotlight Lightweight

  • Type: Upright
  • 5 Height adjustment settings
  • Power cord: 25 feet
  • Dirt Capacity: 4.1 liters
Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Plank Floor Cleaner

Ecovacs DEEBOT Robotic Cleaner N79S

  • Type: Robotic
  • Automatic charging
  • Run Time: Up to 110 minutes
  • Works with Alex and App control
Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Floor Cleaner

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner

  • Type: Upright, Wet Dry
  • Dual Tank
  • Washes, Scrubs and, Dries
  • Fingertip Control
PUPPYOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

PUPPYOO Cordless Cleaner Handheld Lightweight

  • Type: Stick, Handheld Cordless
  • Power: 2200mAh Li-ion battery
  • Run Time: Up to 35 minutes

Top 10 vinyl floor vacuums

Let us now get stuck in with the product reviews. We explain the main features of each product and include the pros and cons of each product.

1. Bissell Symphony Hardwood Microfiber

Key Features

  • Cyclonic Vacuum
  • Power rating: Steam 1100 Watts and Vacuum 400 Watts for Vacuum
  • 3. 3 Vacuum Amps
  • Vacuum and Steam floors
  • Includes disposable pads to discard pet messes
  • Washable Microfiber Pads
Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

At the top of our best vacuum for plank floors list is the Bissell Symphony Hardwood 1543A. This freestanding vacuum is the perfect vacuum to make cleaning after your pets a lot easier.

It has great suction, power and a choice to vacuum or steam when you need to. This vacuum gives out 3.3 amps and gives you a power rating of 400 Watts and for steaming 1100 Watts.

What is great about the Symphony is that you can steam on-demand with a water tank capacity of 12.8 ounces. It has a trigger button on the handle that you can hold down when you want to use the steamer. If you do not want to use the steamer and just the vacuum, you can by taking your fingers off the trigger button.

This top vacuum cleaner works perfectly on different types of floor surfaces. Floor surfaces like sealed hardwood, granite, ceramic, marble, and linoleum. It also offers a Drop-it tank that ensures that you do not have to get your hands dirty when emptying the dirt out. It also has washable microfiber pads and disposable pads that you can throw away after you have cleaned up your pet messes.

Included with this vacuum are a mop pad kit, odor removing discs, steam boost tray, and disposable steam boost pads. All these are to help you clean your floors more effectively.


  • Powerful and easy to operate
  • Cleans effectively
  • No need to get hands dirty when emptying dirt out
  • It can vacuum, mop, and steam


  • It is a little big and heavy
  • There seem to be some issues with the steamer

2.Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features

  • Powered by the Dyson V8 digital motor
  • Washable lifetime filter
  • Cordless and up to 40 minutes run time
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Instant release power trigger
  • Hygienic dirt ejector
  • Dirt bin of 0.14 gallons
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Animal vacuum is next on our list and it is one of the top vacuums for pet owners. The Dyson V8 digital motor powers this lightweight vacuum.

It is also a cordless vacuum for vinyl floors with a run time of up to 40 minutes without the motorized tools attached. With the motorized tools, it gives you up to 25 minutes of cleaning time. It also offers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction and has an instant release trigger so that you only use the power while you are busy cleaning.

It can also transform into a handheld vacuum for those quick small jobs or hard to reach corners in any room. When your vacuuming is complete, you can place it on the convenient docking station. Here it will charge the machine for the next time you would like to use it.

The Dyson Animal can virtually clean any type of floor including deep cleaning carpets as well as hard floors. The whole machine filtration captures allergens in the air while releasing fresher air in its place for you to breathe.

This model does not only have a larger bin that holds 0.14 gallons of dust and dirt, but it also has a dirt ejector button. This makes cleaning the dirt bin out a lot more hygienic as there is no need to use your fingers.


  • Lightweight Stick and handheld vacuum
  • Cordless with a run time of up to 40 minutes
  • It has a charging station
  • Great filtration system
  • Dirt ejector


  • There are some charging issues.
  • At times the run time is lousy

3.Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood Bagless

Key Features

  • Powerful suction with a rating of 6 Amps
  • V-shape design for large and small debris
  • Swivel Steering
  • Cyclonic Filtration
  • The power cord of 20-feet
  • Dirt cup is easy to empty
Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Cleaner

This Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A stick vacuum is another great vacuum for cleaning vinyl floors. It is high on the list for electric brooms that works perfectly as a vinyl floor sweeper.

Its main focus is on helping you to clean up your pet’s hair more effectively. It has pet hair attracting rubber squeegees that collect more pet hair than the suction does on its own.

This lightweight vacuum has a 6 Amps motor and is bagless. It offers a cyclonic filtration and a swivel steering. It also comes with a power cord of 20-feet and a dirt cup that is easy to empty.

A unique feature of the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is that it has a V-shaped head. This helps make cleaning around the legs of furniture a whole lot easier.  This head helps direct the larger sized debris to the center so that it is in its suction path. While the edges of the V will capture the smaller and finer dirt particles. 


  • Clean more with V-shaped head
  • Bagless and is easy to empty the dirt cup
  • Swivel steering
  • Rubber squeegees for attracting more pet hair
  • Collects both fine and large debris


  • Difficult to clean straight along the walls
  • The power cord is too short for larger homes

4.Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner All New

Key Features

  • Self-charge super-thin robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Powered by 2600mAh Li-ion battery
  • 5 different cleaning modes
  • Extremely quiet
  • 120-minute run time
  • Increases its power to 1400PA for deeper clean
  • Dual Anti-Collision System
  • Works on hard floors and carpets
Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner All New

The next vacuum cleaner we have is the Coredy Robot Vacuum (R500+). It fits in perfectly with the latest gadgets that any household would love to have. Who doesn’t want a cleaner that will automatically vacuum for you?

It is an extremely quiet but powerful vacuum with 1600pa max suction power. It moves effortlessly to do all the work for you without being stuck in certain places in your house. This is because it has a dual anti-collision system and it uses anti-drop technology that prevents it from crashing into things or falling downstairs.

All that you have to really do yourself is to assign a vacuum zone. Then choose one of the 5 different cleaning modes and it will automatically do the vacuuming for you.

The Coredy robot vacuum works on hard floors, carpets and is great at handling pet hairs. It is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion battery and has a slim design of 2.7 inches tall. This means that it is capable of cleaning under the furniture in your house. It will also return automatically to the charging base once it has used up its 120 minutes if run time.

Accessories that are included with this unit are:

  • Side brushes,
  • The main brush,
  • Cleaning brush,
  • An extra filter, and
  • Remote control with 2AAA batteries.


  • Automatic robot vacuum
  • Quietly cleans hard floors and carpets
  • Runs for 120 minutes before returning to charging station
  • Great suction of 1400pa Max
  • Perfect for cleaning under furniture and pet hair


  • Some reviewers have had difficulties with the programming
  • The dustpan is not all that big

5.Shark DuoClean Ultra-Light Lift-Away

Key Features

  • Cleans large and small particles
  • Dual brush roll for cleaning carpets and hard floors
  • Ultra-light and easy to handle
  • Bagless and corded
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum
  • It has strong suction power
Shark DuoClean Ultra-Light Lift-Away Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Our next choice is one of the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors, it is the powerful Shark DuoClean Ultra-light 30-foot corded Vacuum. It is a great option for cleaning vinyl floors and for giving carpets a deep clean. This vacuum is ultra-light and can easily convert into a handheld vacuum, which makes the task of vacuuming your home a much more pleasant chore to do.

The Duo Clean Technology offers you two brush rolls that work together to remove all types and sizes of debris from your floors and carpets, even the stuck-on messes. Reach those top shelves, ceiling fans and tight space with the lift-away technology by removing the canister.

Another great feature is the LED lights on the floor nozzle as well as the handheld vacuum. This allows you to see in those dark smaller areas of your house where you could quite easily miss with other types of vacuums.

This stick vacuum has a dust cup capacity of 0.91 quartz and the accessories included are a motorized floor nozzle, a pet multi-tool, wand, 12” crevice tool, storage clip and, a wall mount.


  • Strong suction power
  • Powerful brush roll with hard and soft bristles
  • LED lights to clean in dark areas
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Easy to empty canister


  • After some time of use, the roller head kept falling out
  • It does not stand upright on its own

6.MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum

Key Features

  • Bagless stick vacuum
  • 23- foot Corded with power of 500W
  • Suction power: 17Kpa
  • Washable HEPA and Filter
  • Adjustable tube of 18-30 inches
  • The dust cup holds 0.8ltrs of dirt
MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded 17KPa Suction Stick Vacuum for Plank Floors

The MOOSOO’s Vacuum Cleaner D600 is a stick vacuum that is perfect to vacuum for vinyl planks and will work extremely well on vinyl floors. It is a lightweight 2 in 1 vacuum that transforms into a handheld vacuum when you need it.

This vacuum gives out 500W of power and has a suction rate of 17 Kpa. It also has a 4-stage filtration system and a HEPA filter that are easily washable.

Other great features of this vacuum are that it is bagless with a dirt cup capacity of 0.8 liters. Its power cord is 23-feet and has an 18-30” adjustable tube with an adjustable brush head which helps make cleaning your home so much easier.

Other items that you get when you order the MOOSOO corded stick vacuum D600 are a wall mount tool, cleaning brush, crevice nozzle, extra HEPA filter, and an instruction manual.


  • Great suction power
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Lightweight with 23-feet power cord
  • Converts to handheld or extended with an adjustable tube
  • Holds 0.8ltrs of dirt in the dirt cup


  • Does not work on carpets or rugs
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that it loses suction and overheats

7.Eureka NEU188A Power Speed Spotlight Lightweight

Key Features

  • Bagless upright vacuum
  • LED spotlight
  • Corded length of 25-feet
  • 5 height adjustment setting
  • Operation reach of up to 8-feet
  • Dust cup capacity of 4.1 liters
  • Lightweight at only 10 pounds
Eureka Power Speed Turbo Spotlight Bagless Upright Vinyl Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka NEU188A is another all-rounder vacuum cleaner. It is the perfect upright vacuum cleaner if you have a variety of floor types throughout your home.

The 5 height adjustment settings of this vacuum cleaner allow you to easily change modes. You can switch to the right mode effortlessly when you are cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, or rugs.

The LED headlights give you a better view in dark areas so that you can clean more effectively. This vacuum also has a transparent brush roll cover so that you can keep an eye out for when it may need some maintenance

Not only does this spectacular lightweight 10-pound vacuum offer power, but it also has an extra-large dust cup that holds up to 4.1 liters of dirt that is easy to empty, a cord length of 25-feet, and an operational reach of 8-feet for cleaning up high areas and under different types of furniture.

The accessories included are a pet turbo brush, quick release handle, flexible telescoping crevice tool, and 2-in-1 upholstery tool.

All the above features make the Eureka NEU188A upright vacuum one of the best vacuums for vinyl floors and pet owners.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 5 Adjustable height settings
  • LED headlights
  • Large dirt capacity cup
  • Comes with handy accessories


  • Reviewers have found that no replacement parts are available to purchase.
  • Suction could be better

8.Ecovacs DEEBOT Robotic Cleaner N79S

Key Features

  • Multi-surface robotic vacuum
  • Self-charging
  • Works with Alexa and App controls
  • Quiet
  • 110-minute run time
  • 520ml dustbin
Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Plank Floor Cleaner

Another robot vacuum for vinyl plank flooring on our best list is the Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S. This vacuum comes with some amazing features that you will love.

The Ecovac DEEBOT N79S can be controlled in three different ways, which are simple remote, App control or with Alexa and Google assistant. It also has three cleaning modes and scheduling capabilities to clean hard floors and carpets.

This vacuum will thoroughly clean your home with a run time of up to 110 minutes. It works quietly, so it will not disturb whatever you and your family are doing at the time. Then when the battery is low, it will return to a self-charging docking station to prepare for the next time you want to vacuum your home.

 The dirt bin holds 520 ml, which is enough space for every full charge. It also comes with brushes that are two-sided and the main brush that will sweep, lift, and vacuum to clean your floors. Other items includes are a charging dock, air filter, remote control with a battery and a cleaning tool.


  • Can be controlled by remote, voice or app
  • It has two side brushes and the main brush.
  • Three cleaning modes and scheduling capabilities
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • Run time of up to 110 minutes


  • Works best in smaller homes
  • Switching off erases the programming that you have set

9.Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner

Key Features

  • For hardwood, laminated, vinyl and tiles
  • Dual tank technology
  • It has a wash-dry mode
  • Control with the fingertips
  • It is lightweight
Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Floor Cleaner

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner Moondust is an extremely popular all-round cleaner. It vacuums the dust and dirt from hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile floors and also scrubs your floors for you.

This vacuum cleaner offers a unique feature of washing and scrubbing your floors using SpinScrub brushes that are safe and gentle on vinyl, sealed wood, tiles, and grout. It has a wash-dry mode that will suck excess water so that the floor can dry a lot quicker.

The Hoover FloorMate is easy to operate as it has a clean boost control on the handle so that you can easily control it with your fingertips if you need extra soap for cleaning tough spots.

The lightweight vacuum is also equipped with a dual tank, one for clean water and other for dirty water. This ensures that you are always washing your floors with clean water.

 The cleaning and maintaining of the Hoover FloorMate is an easy task to do. Detach the tanks, brushes, and nozzle and simply wash them.


  • Wash and dry floors
  • Dual water tanks
  • Scrubs floors without scratching
  • Clean boost control for stubborn dirt
  • Lightweight at 14 pounds


  • The on/off switch is difficult to reach and turn on and off
  • The cord is too short

10.PUPPYOO Cordless Cleaner Handheld Lightweight

Key Features

  • Stick and handheld vacuum
  • Up to 35 minutes run time
  • Cordless and Powerful suction
  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery included
  • 2 power modes: normal and high
  • For floor to ceiling vacuuming
  • Lightweight at 5.5 pounds
PUPPYOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The last one on our best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors list is the PUPPOO 536 cordless and powerful cleaner. Both a stick and handheld vacuum that provides a thorough deep clean to your home with a 9Kpa of power.

Included with this vacuum is a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that has a run time of up to 35 minutes of fade-free suction. The PUPPOO has a power indicator with two power modes, one for normal vacuuming, and the other high mode for sucking up pet hair and stuck-on dirt.

A great feature of this vacuum is that the head rotates horizontally at 120 degrees and at 180 degrees when you are using it. This allows you to have easier movement while cleaning difficult angles or areas in your home.

This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, weighing 5.5 pounds, which makes it easier to clean up high above your head. It also includes 3 different brushes that are perfect for cleaning vinyl floors, upholstery or small spaces.

The dust and dirt are captured in a 0.5 liters transparent container that is easy to clean by pressing a button so that you can pour it out. It also has a high-efficiency cyclonic filtration system, in which the filters are detachable and washable.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Cordless with a run time of up to 35 minutes
  • Stick and handheld vacuum
  • Head rotates for easier cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning floors, carpet, car and pet hair


  • The dust cup is a little small
  • Battery life is not suited for larger homes

Buyer's Guide

Before we can give you pointers for buying the best vacuum for vinyl floors let us look at what they are. Then we will look at what makes them a great and affordable option for your home.

Vinyl flooring can easily be mistaken for laminated floors, as they look very much alike. They are both synthetic flooring types, which are a lot cheaper than hardwood, and different types of tiled floors.

The biggest difference between the two is the material that they are made from. Laminate flooring consists of 99% wood and is warmer and more comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl flooring is 100% plastic, which makes it waterproof but it does have its limits. They are durable, scratch-resistant, help to reduce noises and can handle heavy foot traffic as well as pets running around in the house. They can easily last between 10 to 20 years if properly taken care of, which is easy to do, especially if you use a vacuum for vinyl floors.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for your Vinyl Floors

Using the right type of vacuum for your vinyl floors will leave your floors looking amazingly clean and shiny. The question is what makes a vacuum the best vacuum to use on your vinyl floors?

Below are some pointers of what features you should keep in mind that will help you narrow down your choices.

The Type of Vacuum

There are different types of vacuums that you can make a choice from that will work perfectly on your vinyl floors. The type of vacuum you finally settle on will depend entirely on your budget, your personal preferences and specific features and functions that will make your cleaning so much easier.

The three types of vacuums that are featured in the above review and we recommend for your vinyl floors are as follows:

  • Upright vacuums with steam or wet and dry features which are heavier than others
  • Stick which some converts to a handheld vacuum is a lot lighter and smaller. They seem to be a good choice as they cause less damage to your floors
  • Robotic vacuums do the work for you and are the smallest of them all. They are battery operated with a specific amount of run time and can fit under most of your furniture.

Power and Suction

Decide which type of vacuum you are interested in first. Then look at the amount of power that it offers. This would be referring to the suction power, as suction power is the most important for the types of vacuuming jobs you intend on completing. This would also depend on if you have different types of flooring throughout your home, like vinyl floors, hardwood, and carpets.

Choose a vacuum with a powerful suction that is able to handle the types of floors you have and is able to suck up all the dirt and debris at the same time from your flooring.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the vacuum cleaner is another aspect that you need to take into account. If your home has multiple levels then the best option for you would be a lightweight vacuum. Furthermore, if you need to vacuum tight spaces or up high above your head, a lightweight stick vacuum would be the best choice.

Power Cords or Cordless

If the vinyl vacuum of your choice is a corded vacuum, then make sure that the power cord is at least around 25 feet, which seems to be the norm. This gives you enough range for cleaning before you need to plug it into another power socket.

If your decision is to go with a cordless vacuum, make sure that the run time of the battery is at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted power. These types of vacuums do provide more freedom to move around your home while cleaning and not having to worry about the cord.

The filtration system

The next important thing to focus on is the type of filtration system the vacuum has. This is a vital feature especially if any members of your household suffer from allergies. The filter should effectively collect the dust and dirt without releasing any back in the air. A great choice for this would be a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.

Bagless or Bagged

The next for you to consider when looking at the best vacuum for vinyl floors is whether you want one that is bagless or with a bag.

A vacuum with disposable bags can be a more hygienic option but can also work out to be more on the expensive side. Once the bag is full, you remove it from your vacuum and throw it away. Then you would need to replace it with a new bag.

On the other hand, a bagless vacuum would use a dirt cup or bin to capture the dust and debris. Once this is full, many vacuums state that you are able to release the cup and tip the dirt into the dirt bin and everything will fall out.

However, this is not always the case; there have been reviewers with many different makes and models of bagless vacuums complaining that they are had to use their fingers to scrape leftover hair and dirt out before they are able to wash the cup.

Anti scratchpad or bumpers

Anti-scratch pads or bumpers are important features to have with a vacuum for vinyl floors. They ensure that you do not leave scratch marks or scuff marks behind while you are vacuuming.

It would be wise to ensure that the vacuum to choose to buy offers this feature. If they do try to figure out from other people’s reviews, the quality of the material as there is no point in having something that is thin, weak and does not help much.

Accessories that are versatile

If you going to hand over cash for a vacuum it might as well be one that can be used on different surfaces of your home. It would be useful to have included accessories that could assist you when cleaning upholstery, carpets, and different small spaces in your home like stairs.

An extendable wand would be useful to reach ceiling corners, fans, and high shelves. Different sized nozzles and motorized brush heads would help clean carpets as well as your car.

The noise level

This one is entirely up to your personal preferences. Obviously, none of us enjoys a vacuum that is deafening but many of these vacuums are designed with a low level of noise. Therefore, if noise is an issue for you, look for a vacuum that specifically states a noise level that is less than about 72dB as this would be a quieter vacuum. Alternatively, read the reviews of others because if a vacuum is too loud, they will definitely mention that it is noisy.

Warranty of the vacuum

The warranty on a vacuum is important as it serves as an agreement to repair or replace the vacuum or parts, if necessary within a specific time. It is also an indication to customers that the company stands fully behind their product.

It is also important to read the warranty included with the vacuum. It explains to you exactly what is covered and what is not while it is still under the warranty.

Vinyl Floor Care Tips

Cleaning tips

If done correctly, keeping your vinyl floors is an extremely low maintenance job. The key to keeping your floors looking great all the time is a simple but gentle cleaning routine. As below:

  • Start by sweeping or vacuuming loose dust, dirt or debris daily
  • Clean the dirt with a damp mop with some water
  • If you need to use soap, make sure that the soap has gentle ingredients in it or is specific for vinyl flooring.

More tips

  • Wipe up any spills as they happen as you don’t want them to harden. This will then need you to scrub the floor which could cause damage
  • Have a doormat outside your front door. This helps to reduce the amount of dirt being walked in by members of the family and pets
  • A great cleaning agent for your vinyl floors is apple cider vinegar mixed in warm water
  • If the shine has faded on your vinyl floors, the best thing to use is vinyl floor polish but do not use wax.

Avoiding scrapes and scratches

  • Try not to move your furniture around too much as this will cause scrapes and scratches on your floor
  • Place protective padding on the feet of all your furniture
  • If your furniture has wheels or rollers, take them off or place the furniture on a non-vinyl floor

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

How do you remove stubborn dirt from vinyl floors?

The best way to remove stubborn dirt without damaging your floors is to use hot water and apple cider. Add a cup of ACV to about one gallon of hot water, and mop with a damp mop

What is your choice for the best vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors?

Our choice for the best vinyl floor vacuum is the Bissell Symphony Hardwood Microfiber

What type of vacuum cleaner is easier to use on vinyl floors?

If you have different cleaning areas. We recommend the stick vacuum that converts into a handheld, for example, Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I need my vinyl floors to shine again, how do I do this?

Dull looking vinyl floors are unattractive and nobody likes that. You can make them shine again by making a solution of water and vinegar. Then add a couple of drops of baby oil to the solution and mop your floors.


When deciding on the best vacuum for vinyl floors, it is important to keep in mind that you need to choose a vacuum that will not damage your floors. So, look at the type of vacuum that you would prefer, the features it offers, and your cleaning needs. Look at the different areas that you intend to clean with the vinyl vacuum. Areas like your kitchen where spills are bound to happen frequently. Decide on which of the vacuum features are more important to you. For example, it needs to be lightweight and be able to convert into a handheld vacuum for cleaning other types of small jobs.

We hope that you enjoyed the information given in this article and have found it helpful.  We wish you the best in finding the perfect vacuum for your vinyl flooring.

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