10 Easy Steps on How to Mop and Clean Wood, Vinyl & Laminate Floors

In this article, we will go over 10 easy steps to help you maintain and mop three types of floors – Wooden floors, Vinyl floors and laminate floors. Although these floors are easy to maintain, there are tricks and rules to follow to ensure you don’t mess things up for yourself. There are a host of floor cleaning products to use with these floors but we’d advise that you pay very good attention to the manufacturers recommended cleaning products. Let’s dive right into the business of the day – how to clean and mop laminate, wood and vinyl floors:

⓵ Benefits of a doormat

The benefits of a doormat to these types of floors are imperative in there design features. You should seek out ways of preventing dirt and dust from entering or sitting too long on these floor types. A doormat serves a useful purpose of preventing dirt from making their way to these floors. Chemicals should also be avoided at all cost because their action kills the shine and luster of these three-floor types.

Having a dedicated doormat should help you eliminate the threat of sticky asphalt chemicals on your shoes and those of visitors to the house.

⓶ Remove all dirt and debris

Using a very lightweight broom or vacuum cleaner, sweep out debris or dust that may have accumulated on the floor. It’s crucial that you do this as regular as possible to avoid the buildup of dirt. Since these floors are highly sensitive to dust and debris, their presence hardly goes unnoticed. 

If you take out the time needed to clean out laminate, vinyl or wooden floors they will maintain their beauty for a very long time. After sweeping or vacuuming the floor, mop with a damp cloth in water and neutral soap. For deep cleaning, use a soft scrub brush with no abrasive bristle. Aggressive brushing with abrasive bristles may damage the floor in the long run.

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⓷ Vacuum and sweep as often as necessary

Shoes and playing pets bring in dirt into the house on a regular basis so it’s imperative that you do all within your power to sweep them out. Even if the entire area is clean you will still need to tidy the place as often as possible to prevent the build-up of dirt. Keep a dust mop handy to help you sweep out dust and dirt accumulation. Depending on the human and pet traffic in your house, you ought to sweep and clean out vinyl, laminate or wooden floors two to three times weekly.

⓸ Use mild cleaning techniques

It can be tempting to use heavy-duty and harsh cleaning techniques to blast dirt and stains from these floors but we’d advise against it. When it comes to vinyl floors your best bet is to use the mildest cleaning techniques available because of the delicate nature of the floors. One habit you should imbibe is cleaning spills as soon as they occur to preserve the shine. 

Avoid using hot water because it can damage the floor. The best cleaning agent to use is are those designed specifically for the floor.

⓹ Rinse Properly

Once you are done cleaning the floor with whatever suitable means you have, ensure you clean out the floor with a slightly damp mop. Unless the floor calls for serious cleaning operation, we’d advise that you only use a dampened mop for it. Make use of two mops if possible, one for washing and the order one for cleaning and damp rinsing.

⓺ Do don’t soak the floor in water

We can’t overemphasize how important it is to avoid drenching the floor in water. One common mistake most people make is to use an overly wet mop that makes water find its way into seams, cracks, and edges of the floor. Water can easily damage the glue that holds laminate and vinyl floors together. The damage may not be evident at first but prolonged exposure to water will damage the floor in the long run.

⓻ Preserving the sheen of laminate, vinyl and wooden floors

The shining appearance of vinyl floors is what makes them very attractive to use. Most are treated with polyurethane coating firms that give it the sheen or shining appearance. To preserve the sheen of vinyl floors, avoid the use of wax or products made from wax because these can negatively impact on the shiny appearance.

However, should the sheen of your floor be lost, you can restore it by using a polish or dedicated sealant.

⓼ Use floor protectors for furniture

There is a potential threat of damage from heavy household furniture, refrigerators and other devices. These heavy objects can dent the floor to the extent that the floors may need replacements or patching in those areas. To prevent this from happening, use floor protectors in areas where this heavy furniture and objects are placed. Floor protectors are available in almost all shops where home improvement products are sold.

⓽ Remove harden spots

To remove harden spots on laminate and vinyl floors resist the urge to use hard or sharp objects. Harden debris like chewing gum and candle wax should be softened by first before attempting to gently remove them. One useful technique is to apply ice on the spots before gently taking out the hardened spot with gentle flat plastic material. You must be gentle at this because there is a tendency to damage or scratch the surface if undue force is applied.

⓾ Regularly maintain these floors

Maintaining a cleaning routine is a great way to ensure you are giving the floor the care it deserves. You ought to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance requirements before you installed the floor or before you bought the house. Whichever one it is, maintain a regular cleaning schedule of laminate, vinyl, and wooden floor. 

In all your cleaning schedules, please avoid the use of abrasive and strong brushes or cleaners. You may also want to use a coat of floor polish or sealant to protect the floors from wear and tear.

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