What Kind of Pipe is Used for Central Vacuum SmartVacuumguide

What Kind of Pipe is Used for Central Vacuum

Your newly purchased central vacuum system unit is going to need you to install piping in order for it to work.But, what kind of pipe is used for central vacuum systems?There is an option of three kinds of pipe for you to choose from when installing a central vacuum cleaning system throughout your home:Central vacuum … Continue Reading

How to Clean Under Car Seats_ SmartVacuumguide

How to Clean Under Car Seats?

Are you thinking about giving your car a good and proper clean? But wait. You seem to be having second thoughts because your mind is lingering over the most dreaded part of interior car cleaning.The part is the areas that are the most difficult and time consuming to clean. These areas are between and under the … Continue Reading

How to Use Dyson Vacuum Attachments_ SmartVacuumguides

How to Use Dyson Vacuum Attachments?

Do not toss those Dyson vacuum attachments in the back of an unused cupboard.But, Why not? You are confused about how to use them anyway. Well, start by solving your confusion about which attachment is used for cleaning what type of job. But we hear you say that you don’t have the time to figure it all … Continue Reading

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner quieter_ SmartVacuumguide

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner quieter?

Vacuum cleaners are easily the most loved cleaning tool for any home but can quickly become an annoying one. Especially if they start quietly and then suddenly become too loud to operate.So you left questioning the reasons why it becomes so noisy and asking yourself how can I make my vacuum quieter again?In this article, … Continue Reading

How does a central vacuum work in a family home_ SmartVacuumguide

How Does a Central Vacuum Work?

You hear that the best way to go for cleaning your house effectively and efficiently is to use a central vacuum system in your home.But, what exactly is it, and how does a central vacuum work?You may also find yourself asking, but is it expensive to have one installed? This is where we come in. In … Continue Reading

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How Often Should Carpets be Replaced?

Carpets do not only look amazing in your home, they offer warmth and comfort to you and your family too. They also witness and endure a lot of use and abuse over their lifespan. Everything from spills of various kinds, children rolling around on them to household pets tracking in all sorts of dirt and … Continue Reading

How Many Decibels is Vacuum Cleaner_ SmartVacuumGuide

How Many Decibels is a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners without a doubt have changed our lives. They have made cleaning our homes easier, faster, and more efficient.Except for the one most common complaint by almost everyone, that uses a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner noise levelsThe noise levels in some vacuum cleaners are extremely loud and can be unbearable, especially those with … Continue Reading