How to Clean a Miele Vacuum?

Keeping your vacuum cleaner clean, free of dust and dirt prolongs the life of your cleaner. It only makes sense that if you spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner, such as a Miele vacuum, you would want it to last.

Learning how to clean a Miele vacuum will only benefit you.

Therefore, whether you need to clean a bagless or bagged, an upright, canister, or stick Miele vacuum, there is not much difference. Miele vacuum cleaners are one of the easiest vacuum cleaners to clean.

Cleaning a bagless Miele vacuum

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If you have a bagless Miele vacuum cleaner such as the Miele Blizzard CX1, it has a handle to pull to remove the dirt container to access the pleated filter, it also has a comfort clean button that you can press for it to automatically clean the filter for you. The cleaner will also sense when the filter needs cleaning, it will switch itself off and perform the comfort clean feature.

From time to time, the filter will need a more thorough cleaning, where you remove the filter and its housing and run it underwater through the opening of the filter, you can also remove the entire filter from the housing and run it under some water and leave to dry for 24 hours.

The dirt container and the two smaller filters inside the container can also be rinsed with running water.

Cleaning a bagged Miele vacuum

To clean a Miele vacuum bag, it is best to remove the full dirtbag and replace it with a fresh one. Miele vacuum bags can last two months or more if you do normal vacuuming twice a week and they are affordable.

If you wash the bag, you will risk damaging the fibers on the bag and it will not be as effective at trapping all dust articles as a new bag.

To remove the bag, open the dust compartment by lifting the release button. Look for the tab on the vacuum bag and pull to remove the full bag from the machine.

Before inserting a new bag, wipe away dust particle on the interior of the machine with a dry cloth. Always insert the correct bag for your machine, as this will not only last longer than other bags but do a better job at storing the dust and dirt inside.

If your Miele vacuum cleaner uses Miele air clean vacuum bags, these bags are extremely strong and come with an auto-seal system. This means that it traps 99.9% of dirt and dust particles with 12 layers of filtration, inside the bag so none can escape. These air clean bags are compatible with the following Miele vacuums:

  • Classic C1
  • Complete C1, C2, C3
  • S227/S240
  • S270/S280
  • S400
  • S2000, and
  • S5000 Series

Keeping the dust inside helps keeps the air clean in your home especially when removing and replacing the bag, which is great news for those who suffer from allergies.

Cleaning Miele Filters

When it comes to cleaning your Miele filters, it is best to go through the manual for your specific model. For some models, Miele states that the filters have to be replaced with new ones and not reused. 

In other models, the way to clean a Miele vacuum HEPA filter is to gently shake off and lightly rinse the filter under some running water. Using water is only if the filter has a label stating that it is a permanent filter or it is washable. 

If your Miele vacuum has a HEPA filter and an indication strip, the strip will turn red when it is time to change the filter, this is usually about once a year.

So what are the Miele vacuum replace air clean filter instructions?

To access the filter, open the dust compartment lid, press the release catch on the filter bracket, and lift the old filter out. Install a new filter, push it gently back into place, and close the filter bracket. 

Before closing the dust compartment, check that the nozzle of the dust bag is securely connected and you have unfolded the bag. 

Then open the exhaust filter compartment on the vacuum remove the filter by pulling the filter holder up and out. Open the holder and lift out the old filter. Insert the new filter and close the filter holder. Slide the filter holder back in and close the filter compartment.

Cleaning a Miele turbo brush and roller

To clean a Miele vacuum head, detach it from the vacuum hose as this makes it easier to work with while cleaning. Flip it over so you can see the bottom, find, and loosen the two plastic screws to remove the cover.

You should now have easy access to clean the Miele vacuum cleaner brush. Remove fluff and other debris with your fingers and if there are hair or carpet fibers tangled around the brush, use a pair of scissors to cut it free.

 Follow the same process to clean roller on Miele vacuum head and for how to remove and clean the Miele vacuum turbo brush.

Another cover to remove has another four screws to loosen. Free the roller brush from the head, clean all debris, and wound up hair especially on the ends of the roller.

Miele stick vacuum cleaner

If you have a Miele Triflex HX1 and want to know how to clean the Miele stick vacuum. Start with emptying the dust container by turning the lid in the direction of the arrows and lift the container to remove.

Hold the container over the trash bin and turn the lid to the next arrow to release the dirt from the bottom. Turn the lid back into its original position and slide the container using the guideline on the stick vacuum to return its position.

Clean the fine dust filter in the dust container by pulling it out and using the rubberized lower edge to knock the dirt in the bin. Turn to remove the smaller filter, shake it off, and return the filters to their position in the dust container. Do not wash the filters as per Miele’s guidelines.

Clean the roller and head is the same for all Miele vacuum cleaners. Remove the cover, remove the dirt and debris tangled inside, and replace the cover.

Use only a dry or damp cloth to clean the vacuum cleaner and the accessories.

How to clean a Miele vacuum is an easy task once you know how to remove the three main parts that need cleaning or replacing. These parts are the filter bag or canister, the filters, and the brush roller head.





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