How To Clean The Carpeted Stairs Effectively?

Carpeting your stairs is a very pretty and comfortable thing but we often forget how dirty and muddy they can get. Many people consider cleaning the carpeted stairs to be very involving and tiresome, requiring much effort to keep them clean. In addition to that, with everyone in the house running up and down, the carpeted stairs will become dirty. This makes it necessary to give the carpeted stairs more attention than any other part that is carpeted in the house.

Vacuum cleaning the carpets using detergents makes the carpet look like it is new. Once you clean the carpet it is always advisable to leave it for a day so that it can dry out. Gratefully there are some tips and tricks to clean and maintain the carpeted stairs.

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While doing a deep clean for your carpeted stairs or rather when you decide to clean your carpeted stairs thoroughly, brushing and sweeping off the carpeted stairs is always the first option. dust and dirt always build-up on the carpet forming layers making it necessary to brush off the dust first. Dust also attaches itself on the side of the stairs giving it the need to sweep the stairs first

The main objective of this step is to loosen the dust that is not fully in the carpet

Here are some pros and cons :


  • It brushes off and gets rid of the stubborn dirt on the carpet
  • While sweeping the carpet, the bristles penetrate through the carpet leaving it sparkling clean
  • It is easier to get to the corners and edges, pulling away the dirt that is hiding
  • It also allows you to have a personal experience with your carpet


  • It is a very tedious procedure since you have to work off every stair

Step 2: Vacuum clean your carpeted stairs

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After sweeping off your carpeted stairs and the dust and dirt is loose, you can now go ahead and vacuum clean your stairs. As in step one, vacuum your stairs from the top to the bottom to avoid stepping back on to the places that you have already vacuum cleaned. A lightweight vacuum cleaner is advisable since you will use it a couple of times to clean up your stairs, the vacuum cleaner should also be able to pull off the dirt that is in edges. While vacuum cleaning your stairs make sure that the bag inside the vacuum is emptied regularly, this ensures that the cleaning is done efficiently.


  • It handles every dirt that is in the carpeted stairs easily
  • It ensures that the heavily trafficked portions are thoroughly cleaned
  • The vacuum cleaner enables you to go over the stubborn areas regularly to make it clean
  • The vacuum cleaner is very simple and easy to use


  • It is quite harmful if you are not familiar with the vacuum cleaner

Step 3: Steam clean the carpeted stairs

This is the part where you use steaming hot water to unclog the stubborn dirt in your carpeted stairs. The massive force that comes with the steamed hot water removes all the dust that could be on the carpet.


  • it is just favourable since there are no chemicals involved
  • Steam cleaning dries off very first since the steam will evaporate quickly eliminating the danger of stepping on wet areas
  • Steam cleaning eliminates every stubborn stain that is found on your carpeted stairs


  • The steam cleaners are somehow expensive and can be a hassle if you do not own one

Step 4: shampoo your carpeted stairs

This is an efficient method when you choose to wash your carpet using your hands.this kind of cleaning can take a little bit longer since you have to use your hands while cleaning and not a machine. While cleaning makes sure you have a rag to absorb in the wet areas in the carpet. Suck as much moisture as you can from the carpet to avoid damaging it. Once you are done with washing the carpet, leave it for half a day to allow it to dry


  • Helps restore your carpet closer to its original form
  • The foam that is in the shampoo helps deal with the dirt massively since the shampoo can penetrate through the fibre and leave the carpeted stairs sparkling clean
  • It also helps in eliminating the bacterias that are found in the carpeted areas


  • It sometimes promotes the growth of moulds. This happens when all the moisty areas are not dried off completely

Step 5: Vacuum clean again

After steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning, you are advised to vacuum clean your carpeted stairs more often. Most preferably once a week to do away with the newly added dirt that may have piled up during the week. 

It is wise to empty the bag in the vacuum to enhance its suction power, this helps it maintain its use by not leaving or dropping the dust once you have cleaned your carpeted stairs 

It is also advisable to vacuum clean again regularly to do away with some stubborn pet hairs that may stick on to the carpet


  • It ensures that the carpeted stairs are kept clean every other day
  • This method makes sure that your carpet is in good shape and the fibres are not destroyed
  • It also helps the carpet to stay fresh after being steam or shampoo washed


  • Certain vacuum cleaners spit dust into the air and this may cause infections due to the bacterias spread in the air, so it is advisable to be careful while using them regularly


Due to the staircase constant use, thorough maintenance is advisable especially if there is high traffic along the carpeted areas.

Learning how to clean your carpeted staircases is not an easy task and it is advisable to involve some professional carpet cleaners once a year to ensure that your carpet is kept clean and fresh as it was while new.

And also investing in good equipment to wash your carpeted stairs can also be a step to maintaining a clean and comfortable home.

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