Tips for Cleaning Your RV’s Interior

Your RV is your home away from home and cleaning it is the same as cleaning your house or your apartment. The only difference is that if it is done properly, you can clean it in a lot less time.

We know, cleaning your RV is the last thing you feel like doing when you get back home. Especially after having the most amazing adventure of a lifetime, all you want to do is unwind. But maintaining and keeping your RV clean properly helps you to extend the life of your RV. This will then also enable you to enjoy many more of these adventures in the future.

For many people cleaning even an RV is a boring and daunting task but it does not have to be. All you need is the proper cleaning products that are not too strong to cause any type of damage to your interior. Multipurpose cleaning tools, like a good vacuum cleaner and some helpful tips for cleaning your RV interior to get the job done fast.

We cover all these tips in this article as well as some helpful tips for keeping your RV cleaner while on vacation. If you keep your RV clean daily, then cleaning the interior will be a much easier and quicker job when you get home.

Preparation Tips for cleaning your RV’s Interior

Although many people do not realize it at the time and do not give it much thought. When we set ourselves, the task of doing something there is, always some sort of preparation involved before we even begin.

We first get together all the correct cleaning products for cleaning the interior of an RV. Then pick up and clean out the trash and leftover food. These are only some of the things we automatically do before we start scrubbing the interior down. 

Cleaning products and tools that you would use:

A Multi-surface cleaner

Disinfectant cleaner or wipes

Window cleaner 

Bathroom and Toilet cleaner

Furniture polish

Floor cleaner

Paper towels

Floor cleaner 

Soft microfiber cloths

A broom, dustpan and a floor mop

A great RV Vacuum cleaner with all the necessary accessories

The next preparation tip would be to open all the windows as well as the doors to your RV. This is to let some fresh air inside while you are busy cleaning and for an hour or two after you have finished.

RV interior Cleaning Tips

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When it comes to tips for cleaning your RV’s interior, it is best to break down the major task of cleaning your RV’s interior into smaller tasks. For example, tackling each area one at a time.

Then take the time to consider the following before you begin:

Read the manual of your RV to ensure you use the correct types of products to clean it

The type of cabinets and flooring you have in your RV

If the windows of your RV has a specialized film on them as they will need a specialized cleaning product

If you had pets with you on your vacation

The type of area you visited while on vacation, for example, an extremely dusty area or the beachside.

The amount of dust, dirt and pet hair there is to clean

Everyone has his or her own way of cleaning but we suggest that you clean from top to bottom. This means, start with the ceiling and work your way down to the floor being last in each area.

Remember to change the linen on your beds, wash, and replace the towels in the bathroom. 

Tips for keeping your RV cleaner while on vacation

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Prepare and pack your RV with only essential items

When you prepare for an enjoyable long vacation, the majority of people tend to overpack their RVs. They include items that they do not need which also take up a lot of extra space that they don’t have. This creates more items for them to clean during and at the end of their trip. It is best to pack your RV with only essential items that you really need. So leave things like photographs and other decorative type items at home.

Make use of doormats

Invest in a good doormat, as this will help minimize the amount of dirt that is carried into your RV. 

Another idea for minimizing the dirt is to also have everyone remove their shoes before entering your RV.

Throw the rubbish away as often as possible

While on vacation, it is best to make use of the rubbish and recycle bins along the way as much as possible. This will help you to reduce the amount of waste and smells to remove when you get home.

Make sure that you have cleaning Products handy

Spend some time each day; it does not have to be a lot to clean up quickly while you are on your vacation. 

A few tips to keep in mind for daily cleaning are:

  • After each shower, wipe down any glass, mirrors, and walls
  • When chopping food use a chopping board
  • At mealtimes use meal trays or placemats
  • Clean any spillages immediately
  • Each time you give your RV a quick vacuum. Remember to include tight corners and other areas where dust and cobwebs can collect

Make sure that you have some multipurpose cleaning products as well as dishwashing soap handy. This is to keep especially the kitchen and bathrooms clean during your vacation.

Another handy cleaning product to have onboard is distilled white vinegar. Vinegar added to some water is a great alternative for cleaning kitchen sinks, taps, and showerheads.

Have a great vacuum and mop handy

A great way to keeping your RV clean daily is to have a mop and a vacuum that is lightweight and versatile handy. You should get rid of the dirt and debris from your floors every day as this helps to minimize your cleaning task at the end of your vacation.

When choosing the perfect type of vacuum for your RV, always ensure that you have enough space to store it. Also consider the type of floors, upholstery and other items you have that will need vacuuming.

If you follow some of the above-mentioned tips for cleaning your RV’s interior and keeping it clean during your trip. Your daunting task of cleaning when you arrive back home becomes a simple and easy task to do. Once you have the interior handled, it leaves only the exterior of your RV to clean.

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