How to change belt on shark vacuum

How to Change Belt on Shark Vacuum

You love operating your Shark vacuum cleaner but suddenly the roller brush has stopped spinning. Your vacuum is no longer picking up the dirt as it used to and it sounds different.You wonder if the belt has broken and if so, you are unsure how to change belt on Shark vacuum cleaners.This leads you to, … Continue Reading

Shark vacuum not turning on

Shark Vacuum Not Turning on

You are all fired up and ready to vacuum your home, however, your Shark vacuum won’t turn on. A Shark vacuum not turning on is something that can happen to all of us. The reason and the solution could be something simple or it could require a  more technical solution with the help of a professional. … Continue Reading

How to clean dyson ball multi floor

How to Clean Dyson Ball Multi Floor

You have finally purchased yourself an exceptional vacuum cleaner to clean your home with little effort. A Dyson ball multi floor vacuum cleaner.This vacuum cleaner has incredible suction power, an easy to maneuver cleaning head that adjusts to different floor types and heights.The only thing you need to know now is how to clean dyson ball … Continue Reading

How to clean rainbow vacuum hose

How to Clean Rainbow Vacuum Hose

There is so much to love about a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, it is an extremely powerful cleaner. This machine cleans the wall, floors, carpets, and even the air you breathe. It uses water to trap dust, dirt, and odors.Many of us take the time to keep the cleaner clean, but often forget an important part … Continue Reading

How to clean dyson vacuum filter

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum Filter

For many households, a vacuum cleaner is a necessity, as we all rely on our vacuum cleaners to clean our homes. A top-quality vacuum cleaner cleans more effectively and, in less time, than a human being can.So, thousands of us make the investment in purchasing the best vacuum cleaner for our floor types which suits … Continue Reading

How to Clean Up Cat Litter On a Carpet_

How to Clean Up Cat Litter On a Carpet?

You love your adorable, furry felines to pieces. They bring you such joy, keep you entertained with their mischievousness and playful nature.But gee whiskers, they can make a mess when it comes to their cat litter.They get it everywhere outside the litter box, on themselves, and they even trample it onto the carpets. Now you … Continue Reading

Which is better Shark or Dyson

Which is Better Shark or Dyson?

You need a new vacuum cleaner but cannot seem to decide between the two leading brands.Do you choose a Shark or Dyson?You are left wondering, which is better Shark or Dyson?Well, it would depend on the price tag you are willing to pay, and the features you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner.Are you … Continue Reading

Difference between Shark Rotator and Navigator

Difference Between Shark Rotator and Navigator

Shark vacuum cleaners are one of the biggest brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. This is due to the top quality of Shark’s most popular models. These models are the Shark Rotator Lift-Away and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional.Two of the most common questions people ask are:What the difference between Shark Rotator and Navigator … Continue Reading