How to Clean Your RV? – [Simple Steps]

There is a lot of difference between cleaning the dirt and grime from road trips in your RV and taking it to a car washing station. The moment you pull up your automobile for a car washing routine you will find lots of nervous employees running towards your direction waving to get the job done for you. However, most of the systems used for washing don’t completely remove the dirt and grime that accumulate in RVs.  If you want to know the most practical way of removing grime from your car this article walks you through those steps to ensure you get it done in time.

Cleaning Challenges of Washing an RV automobile

Like we reiterated before, washing an RV is very different from taking it to a car wash.  We are talking about a small house with wheels so there are important factors to consider before you carry out cleaning procedures. 

Let’s dive deeper into the main aim of this write-up “How to clean your RV”.

Consider the RV size

The size of the RV is an important factor to take into consideration before adopting cleaning procedures.  As you are aware the trucks come in different models, shapes, and sizes. Most definitely, cleaning a regular car will take up less water than cleaning an RV.  Because of this reason, you need to be at home or at a friendly location where you have access to an unlimited water supply.

Read the Instruction Manuel Carefully

Because of the complexities of RV automobile systems, the instruction manual that comes with it holds a lot of treasure and information including tips and tricks for cleaning the interior and exterior compartment of this monster system. The manual tips for the kind of cleaners you should use and shouldn't use. If you fail to use the manual you might end up causing severe damage to the RV automobile which will cost you a lot.

Constantly change cleaning water

Because RVs are a large-size automobile, you should change the water frequently to avoid pushing dirt and Road grime to the interior parts of the car. Sediments and dirt can do a lot of damage to the internal components of an RV car. They also promote scratching and can leave you with a smudged or smeared RV body.

Invest in a quality hand-held vacuum cleaner

One of the most important things you can do to elongate the lifespan of your RV vehicle is by investing in a dedicated handheld vacuum cleaner. Dedicated handheld vacuum cleaners are best at reaching the nooks and crannies that can be quickly filled with dirt. 

Using a traditional vacuum cleaner for your RV might be a more bulky approach for most RV systems. The best thing you should do is invest in a quality handheld vacuum cleaner but you can also buy a traditional handheld vacuum cleaner to get the best of both worlds.

Clean out both sides of the window

The last thing you need on your vehicle is the cloudiness that surrounds both sides of the window because of grim and dirt. You need these windows to be very clean at all times because they allow you to see clearly rear views of your RV.  

If you have a smaller RV car this can be accomplished easily by using a window cleaner and a microfiber cloth but if you are using a very large RV then you will need to invest in an extendable squeegee. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself then take advantage of joining a membership Club that allows oversize car washing.

The use of Pressure washers

The fact that you can pressure wash your home doesn't mean it is suitable for RV use.  You should understand that the engineering construction that goes into the manufacture of RVs makes use of layers of materials that aren't as stable as what you find in your home. Using pressure washers on this layer like materials can pull them close together and cause serious damage.  Sooner or later these layer attachments will begin to wear out and tear. 

However,  this isn't to say that you cannot use pressure washers, what we are just trying to press home is that it is better to keep a safe distance when you are employing the use of a pressure washer.

Clean out the tanks

RV tanks hold water which can be a source of many nasty odors. Why this doesn’t directly affect other parts of your RV, a poorly-maintained tank will bother you to the bone even if it is hanging outside the automobile. The best thing to do is to regularly dump out and flush out the tanks as often as possible to avoid the nasty odors associated with standing water.

Cleaning the RV body

RV automobiles are made from metal, fiberglass or painted metal.  The type of metal that is used to construct the body of your RV will determine the special kind of washing solution to use. We always recommend reading the user's manual to enlighten yourself on the suggestions of the manufacturers. Here are a few tips for cleaning popular RV body types:

Metal Bodies:

Metal bodies are very common with older RV automobile systems but some brands still make use of them today.  The metal bodies are mainly made or constructed from aluminum or stainless steel and are best-cleaned by pre-washing with a non-abrasive cleaner using soft bristle brushes.

Painted metal bodies

Manufacturers that employ the use of painted metal bodies on RVs make them easily cleaned just as you will do a standard car. Using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft-bristle brush will do the trick. We’d always advise keeping a safe distance if you are using a pressure cleaner.

Fiberglass bodies:

Manufacturers who use fiberglass in constructing RV cars make them inherently lighter and more fuel-efficient than the RV cars made from metal bodies. Even though they are on the lighter side they are still very durable when compared to the bulky nature of the car.  The best cleaning solution to use for fiberglass bodies is a solution of wash -and wax products that are capable of cleaning the RV as well as protecting the fiberglass from damage.

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