Clean a Bagless Vacuum Filter SmartVacuumGuide

How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum Filter?

The filters of bagless vacuum cleaners play an important role in the cleaning of the floors in your home. They ensure that dust and dirt particles are picked up and directed to the dirt cup, keeping it away from the motor. They also ensure that dust and dirt do not get released back into the air.Therefore, … Continue Reading


How To Clean The Carpeted Stairs Effectively?

Carpeting your stairs is a very pretty and comfortable thing but we often forget how dirty and muddy they can get. Many people consider cleaning the carpeted stairs to be very involving and tiresome, requiring much effort to keep them clean. In addition to that, with everyone in the house running up and down, the … Continue Reading

What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy_ SmartVacuumGuide

What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?

Buying a vacuum cleaner for your home is a purchase that should be given a lot of thought to. But there are many different kinds of vacuums on the market to choose from at various prices.You find yourself asking questions like, “what kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy?”“What is the best type of vacuum … Continue Reading

How Long Does a Vacuum Last_ SmartVacuumGuide

How Long Does a Vacuum Last?

Being in the market for a new vacuum cleaner can be a difficult task. There are so many different shapes, sizes, types, brands and they are all at different prices.People are always on the hunt for a vacuum cleaner that will do the job that they want it to do. But they are also looking … Continue Reading

How to Make Your Vacuum More Powerful_ SmartVacuumGuide

How to Make Your Vacuum More Powerful?

The thought of how vacuum cleaners actually work hardly ever crosses most people’s minds. Especially when they have a brand new bright and shiny vacuum cleaner standing in front of them. One that is powerful enough to do the job effectively that they want it to do.Until it, loses either power or stops working completely … Continue Reading