How to Clean Carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner

A clean carpet is a top goal for every carpet lover, as the majority understands that taking proper care of their carpets will keep it looking spectacular. Keeping your carpets clean also helps to improve your air quality inside your home, and help to protect your carpet’s warranty.

With that said, how do you go about keeping your carpets clean?

Do you clean carpets by vacuuming or should you go through the entire process of washing carpets?

Which way is the best way to clean carpets?

Before you panic, it is easier than you might imagine. You only need to know what kind of carpet you have, select the best cleaning products, judge the dirt type, and pick the easiest way to clean carpets.

If you are unsure about the carpet type, you have, it is best to check with the manufacturer.

Within this article, we include some tips for how to clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner as well as the best tips for cleaning carpets, so they are free of stains. We will also answer some important questions in our FAQ’s.
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Choices for cleaning carpets at home

If you want a clean carpet at home, you have two choices, either to hire a professional carpet cleaner or to do it yourself.

If you choose a professional to do the job for you, remember to do your research. Make sure the one you pick is a reputable company, read the reviews, and check the price by asking for a quote. Note the cleaning process and the products they use and ask them what they include in the price.

If you clean your carpets yourself, then follow these cleaning steps to keep your carpets clean:

  • Follow carpet care instructions given by the carpet installers or manufacturers
  • Vacuum thoroughly and regularly, especially areas used the most
  • Use doormats to help minimize tracked-in dirt 
  • Be quick to clean spills
  • Spot clean stains
  • Deep clean carpet at least every 6-12 months

Vacuuming your carpets

Before you vacuum your carpets with your top-quality carpet vacuum, pick up large objects that can easily clog the cleaner. Check the dirt cup or bag, making sure it is empty, as this will give you a better result.

Then begin vacuuming with slow and steady strides that overlap each other. Start at the far side of the room and work your way back out of the room. Don’t forget to vacuum the crevices along with the sideboards and the corners of the room.

Cleaning spills immediately

The important thing to remember when cleaning up liquid spills is to use an unprinted, plain white cloth or paper towel to dry the liquid. Be careful not to rub the spot, as this will cause it to smear across the carpet, leaving a bigger mess than what you started with.

Spot cleaning stains

For spot cleaning stains, you have two options here, you can either use a store-bought product or a homemade solution.

For a store-bought spot removal solution

There are many stain removal options to choose from, some for common stains and others for pet stains and odors. One thing to note is the instruction label. They are there to tell you what you can use it on, how much of the solution you should use, and the way you should apply it, or else you could damage your carpet. For example, some will instruct you to blot the spot with pure water after you have applied the solution to remove the leftover solution. For a more effective result, you could get a spot cleaning machine to remove smaller deep spots and stains quickly for you.

Homemade spot removal solutions

Homemade spot removals are easy to make, they are effective and comprise of a few ingredients you probably already have in your home.

Ingredients and measurements you may need, from a mild solution to super strength cleaning power:

  • One-quarter teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergent in a cup of warm water
  • A cup of white vinegar with 2x cups of water
  • In a spray bottle mix dishwashing soap, white vinegar, and baking soda
  • One-quarter cup of each, borax, white vinegar, and salt in a paste form, allow drying for several hours before vacuuming it

Deep cleaning your carpets

For deep cleaning carpets in your home, do it at least every 6–12 months, depending on the level of activities in and out of your home. It should also include a quality steam cleaner as it will remove at least 90% of the dirt from your carpets.

To deep clean your carpets, follow these steps:

  • Move furniture and anything else off the carpet for cleaning
  • Vacuum loose dirt
  • Spot clean stubborn stains
  • Steam clean carpet and leave to dry for at least 24hrs
  • Vacuum your carpet again
  • Move furniture back into place 


What cleans carpets the best?

Cleaning your carpets properly comes down to choosing the best equipment to use, such as a quality vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner. Then use the best cleaning solution for the carpet type and the dirt type.

How do I deep clean my carpet with a vacuum?

Start with vacuuming your carpets from the far side of the room and work your way out towards the door. Vacuum the carpet with slow strides back and forth that overlap each other and remember to use the vacuum’s crevice tool for sideboards and corners.

What can I put on my carpet before vacuuming?

You can dust some baking soda over your carpet and leave for about 10 minutes or longer before you vacuum. The baking soda helps to remove unpleasant odors from the carpet, leaving them with a fresh smell.

Should I clean my carpets myself?

It is entirely your choice! You can do the job perfectly yourself if you want to save on costs. A professional carpet cleaner, will not only use the best equipment and products for your carpet, but they will also complete the job a lot faster than you can.

Why does the carpet smell worse after cleaning?

The primary cause of a terrible smell after cleaning the carpets is that liquid seeped into the backing of the carpet and it is still wet.

Is it better to clean the carpet with hot or cold water?

Hot water is always better at cleaning most things we attempt to clean and carpets are no different. Do Not Use Boiling water.

Can you use vinegar and baking soda to clean carpets?

Vinegar and baking soda is a great solution to remove stains from your carpets. The vinegar softens the stain so that the baking soda can lift it to the surface for removal. 

There you have it, some useful tips for how to clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner, removing stains, and deep clean the carpet with a steamer so it can look new again.





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