The Basics and Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are an eco-friendly way to all kinds of commercial and residential buildings. It turns simple tap waters into superior cleaning agents that sanitizes and disinfects all types of fabrics and materials. By using a combination of heat and high pressure, steam cleaning helps to penetrate deep pores within fabrics in an effort to eliminate grease, mold bacteria, viruses and all types of germs from the surface of a wide variety of materials. Harsh chemical stains are not left out with a stream wash – chemical spills that are hard to remove by other cleaning tools and machines can be removed by using a steam washing machine.

Steam is a completely natural process of getting the dirt out from fabrics, melts away grease, kills molds and dislodges stubborn dirt on fabrics. All your cleaning needs can be taken care of efficiently and effectively by turning the time-consuming task into simpler and trivial chores that can be done in time. 

The Basics of steam cleaning

The Basics of steam cleaning

The mechanics and operation of a steam cleaning device are fairly easy and simple to understand. Generally, all steam cleaners make use of a boiler system that heats water in a pressurized container or tank. Once the temperatures reach between 150 -195oC the steam shoots out of the tank on dedicated commands to direct cleaning operations. The steam jets from the machine open up dirt pores and moisturizes fabric materials which inevitably allows for sanitization and disinfection of the fabric.

The dirt clean is usually collected with a microfiber cloth that can be attached to several tools or might be a part of the intricate design of the steam cleaning machine. A quality steam cleaner should make use of a variable pressure control system which can add to the versatility of the system. This gives users the option of adjusting the pressure to suit cleaning needs.

With a low pressure setting, you can eliminate bedbugs from fabrics instead of pushing them far into the mattress. Use high pressures for more difficult jobs like hard to clan chemical spills. Adjusting cleaning allows for deep and delicate cleaning as well as simple and gentle cleaning operations.

Ideal surfaces for steam cleaning

There are a number of cleaning surfaces that are ideal for steam cleaning and there are some other surfaces steam cleaning is highly discouraged. Some of the ideal surfaces for steam cleaning are hardwood floors, sinks, carpets, mattresses, ovens, upholstery, stovetops, grills and different types of glasses. Cleaning some of these surfaces also depends on the type of cleaning surface you have. However, some steam cleaning machines come with attachments that allow for cleaning lots of surfaces.

Unideal surfaces for steam cleaning

While steam cleaning is versatile and has found applications in a lot of cleaning surfaces, they are not ideal for all cleaning surfaces. This may be related to the heat it emits. Not all surfaces are compatible with heat cleaning; in fact, some of them can get damaged under high heat pressures. Laminate floors are known to swell when subjected to the heat of steam cleaning – so never use a steam cleaner on a laminate floor. Unsealed surfaces and plastic may melt under high heat pressures. Other surfaces include cold windows, some special 3D tiles and those covered in water-based paints with other delicate surfaces. Please, endeavor to consult with the instruction Manuel for surfaces to skip.

Benefits of using a steam cleaner

Disinfecting prowess

Stream cleaners with the help of their pressure designs can reach temperatures so high that kills bacteria and germs. The high temperatures make them an ideal candidate for sanitizing and disinfecting hard to reach places including dirty mattresses and dirty couches.

The heat serves to open up the pores of fabrics for deep cleaning. Every molecule within the fabric is reached and effectively cleaned out.

It’s an ecofriendly alternative

Most steam cleaners do not require the use of harsh chemicals that could be damaging to the environment. For this reason, they are at the top of the list as the ideal cleaning tool for many ecofriendly homes. Opt to use a steam cleaner if you want to contribute to saving the environment.

It doesn’t cause molding

Molding is one of the biggest fears of using a steam cleaner. Many argue that where there is steam, there is water vapor and where there is water, molding is bound to occur. However, the steam from steam cleaners on contains about 5% water, which leaves the fabric surfaces with very little dampness. The low water content, combined with heat means that anything you use the machine with dries out quickly. The result is a clean home or fabric with reduced chances of molding.

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Effective against bed buds

Bed bugs can be a problem for some homes. Once there is an infestation, it usually takes a long time to get rid of them. The fact that they dive deep into the mattress fold means that most cleaning agents don’t get to reach them either do they have the chance of killing them. Steam cleaners are good at drastically reducing or totally eliminating bed buds from mattresses. The pressure settings and the heat thoroughly destroy bed bugs. So if you are having some trouble with bed bugs endeavor to buy a dedicated steam cleaner to kill them.

They are a low-risk option for kids and pets

Steam cleaners are save for both kids and pets because they do not employ the use of harmful chemicals or harsh products that could spark an allergy or cause body damage.  Water is the major constituent in a steam cleaner which is harmless and safe. Although some steam cleaners allow you the option of adding detergents they are still a very harmless thing to use.

Low-cost cleaning solution

Using steam cleaners are a low-cost cleaning solution when compared to other cleaning options. Once you get them home – there is virtually no spending required operating the machine. All you need is electricity and water straight from the tap to have it running in no time. It doesn’t need any odor eliminating materials and does not employ the use of fancy solutions that only complicate the cleaning process.

Stream cleaners are versatile

The versatility of steam cleaners makes them one of the most effective cleaning tools for numerous cleaning chores. Use it on furniture, with a mattress or apply it to the cushions of your car seats – whatever the choices are, steam cleaners will do just fine. However, don’t use them on laminate floors or other heat-sensitive surfaces.

They are an odor killer 

Bacteria are the major cause of odors in the home so the best way to kill odors in the home is by eliminating its source. The use of steam cleaners with its heat application can kill off many germs and bacteria that cause odors in the home.

No need to dispose of water

Using a steam cleaner is very different from the use of other types of cleans like a carpet cleaner. The stream blasts dust and dirt away from the fabric cleaned materials instead of using liquid water to do the job. This means users won’t have to deal with dirty water from cleaning operations.

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