How to Use a Crevice Tool in a Vacuum Cleaner?

When unpacking a brand new vacuum cleaner out of the box, you find included are a variety of different accessories. You may find yourself questioning what they are for and whether you need them.

These accessories or attachments can make the chore of vacuuming your home, offices, car, and even your RV significantly easier. The one tool that is many people’s favorite of them all is the crevice tool. It can be used for a variety of different cleaning tasks.

Although each attachment has its purpose; today we will discuss the crevice tool. We briefly explain what a crevice tool is and cover how to use a crevice tool in a vacuum cleaner

What is a crevice tool in a vacuum cleaner?

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In most cases, you will receive a crevice tool as one of the attachment pieces with most upright and canister vacuum cleaners. An upright vacuum such as a Dyson Ball and a canister type vacuum, for example, a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. The high-strength plastic tool is a tube looking accessory that is flat and has a narrow angled slit on one end of it. The other end of the tool fits onto common sized hoses or extension wands. They have a 32 mm internal diameter and 38 – 39 mm external diameter.

These crevice tools are available in slightly different sizes and lengths. Common diameters for them are 1 1/2 to 1 1/4” with lengths of 6”, 9”, and 12”. There are brands that offer a very thin crevice tool for vacuum cleaners. They can clean the tiniest of places such as door tracks or car window slots. 

A crevice tool for a vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful attachments that you could receive with your vacuum cleaner. Attach it to the end of the extension wand and you will be able to reach places that you could never reach before.

New on the market these days is a flexible crevice tool for all vacuum hoses. They are a bendable vacuum crevice tool to clean tight spaces that provides help in cleaning vehicles as well as with general household vacuuming. Inside a vehicle, it can reach between, under the seats, the console, and even inside the narrow door pockets. In your home, they provide you with extra length that allows you to reach places that you could never reach before such as under your fridge.

Ways to use a crevice tool

There are so many areas in your home, car, garage, and RV a crevice tool can help you clean. Here is how to use a crevice tool in a vacuum cleaner:

Kitchen cupboards

Easily clean spilled sugar and spices in the corners of your kitchen cupboards 

Edges of skirting boards

Whether you have tiles or need a carpet cleaning crevice tool, this tool will help you vacuum the edges of your skirting boards.

Window and door frames

Clean dust and debris that collects inside the window frames of your home and on top of your door frames.

Between couch cushions

With a crevice tool for a vacuum cleaner, it is easy to clean up crumbs and other messes between your couch cushions.

Awkward corners

Don’t those awkward corners in a room or RV drive you crazy when trying to clean them? A vacuum’s crevice tool makes it easy to reach into each corner to clean the accumulated dust and dirt. 


A crevice tool can clean the dust on bookshelves, dust on top, behind, and in front of books.

Under and behind kitchen and laundry appliances

With a crevice tool, you can reach and vacuum the dirt under, inside, and behind your fridge, dryer, and washing machine. 

Under and between car seats

These tools are the perfect vacuum crevice tool for cars; you can clean almost the entire inside of your car with them. Pick up dirt in areas such as the console, air vents, door pockets, the trunk, under, and between the seats.

If you did not receive this amazing tool with your newly purchased vacuum cleaner and want to know where to buy vacuum crevice tool. Here are a few ideas:

  • Vacuum brand shop
  • Appliance spares shop
  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • Home Depot

If your favorite attachment has broken or has gotten lost and you need a replacement vacuum crevice tool. Follow any of these easy steps of how to find them:

  • Do a quick internet search with the brand and model of your vacuum cleaner. For example, Miele Compact C2
  • Look for places in your area that offer vacuum accessories
  • If you feel comfortable with online purchases such as from Amazon, it is easy to find a replacement for your type of vacuum
  • Visit the same shop where you purchased your vacuum cleaner 
How to use a crevice tool in a vacuum cleaner is easy, attach the strange narrow looking attachment to the end of the vacuum hose or wand. Then choose an area from the many places we provided above to clean and begin vacuuming. If you are looking for a new or a replacement crevice tool, pick one to buy from our suggestions.





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