What to Do if Your Vacuum is Smoking?

We rely on our vacuum cleaners to clean up dirt and debris quickly and effectively. More and more people are replacing their old models with newer and more expensive models. They equip the newer models with filters (HEPA) that help reduce indoor pollution caused by dust and debris.

Statistics show that by 2023, 24% of the total household appliances market revenue will come from online sales.

You need to take care of any household appliance for them to continue to perform at their best. However, if we do not maintain a vacuum cleaner properly, they will break down and show signs of neglect. These signs come in a variety of severity, such as not switching on, overheating, and releasing a burning smell and even smoke.

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So what do we do in these circumstances?

Here we give you a few tips for what to do if your vacuum is smoking or if there’s a burning smell. We include the different areas of a vacuum cleaner to check to resolve the problem.

Before we begin with what to do, let us look at why is there smoke coming out of my vacuum?

If your vacuum is smoking, it is a concerning and disturbing sight to see. We automatically assume the worst such as the entire vacuum cleaner has burned out. Now you have to buy a new vacuum cleaner altogether. But wait before you dash off to the shops, a smoky vacuum cleaner often looks worse than it is. 

More often than not, the problem lies with the vacuum’s belt. The belt helps to move the brush roller that helps to loosen the dirt and debris, which is then guided into the collection bag or cup. If the belt or other components on the machine are failing to function, the cleaning machine will send out signals. Signals such as smoke or there will be a burning smell from the vacuum.

Other possible causes for a vacuum cleaner to release smoke or vacuum smells like burning electrical wires or rubber are as follows:

  • Clogged brush rolls or beater brush 
  • Blocked vacuum hose at the base of the hose
  • A faulty or broken brush roller
  • Problems with the vacuum’s motor

Now let’s look at what to do if your vacuum is smoking or if there is a burning smell when you switch the vacuum cleaner on to operate.

The Vacuum Belt

One of the significant reasons for vacuum smells like burnt rubber is a broken or severely worn belt. When this happens, turn the vacuum’s switch off, unplug the electrical cable, and check if the belt is still in place and if it is still in one piece. If it is, then check and remove any carpet fibers, hair, or other objects that may prevent the belt from turning. If the belt is broken, worn, or even stretched, then you may need a replacement belt.

What causes a vacuum belt to break?

If the belt doesn’t move from too much hair, string, or wires wrapped around the brush roller, it will put pressure on the belt that will cause it to break. It is best to remove all debris regularly from the roller to keep it working efficiently.

Keep in mind, depending on how often you use your vacuum cleaner to clean your home and how old it is; you should replace the belt at least every 3 to 12 months.

Clogged Brush Roller or Beater Bar

When something is clogging the vacuum cleaner, it cannot operate normally and as efficiently as it should. A vacuum cleaner will let you know when there is a problem by either giving out a screeching sound or with burning smells. Check the brush roller for objects lodged between the belt and the roller. 

Blocked Vacuum Hose

If dust and debris are caught between the vacuum cleaner hose, filter, and the motor, it will start to burn. Clean the vacuum hose, focus mainly on the base of the tube leading inside the machine.

Faulty Brush Roller

A faulty or broken brush roller on a vacuum cleaner will release a smell. For example, a Hoover vacuum burning smell is most likely a defective brush roller. If the roller is not spinning anymore and you can see that brush roller has worn down bristles, or it has cracked from the debris that has wrapped itself around it. Have the brush roller replaced by either yourself or an authorized vacuum repair dealer.

Problems with the vacuum’s motor

A Dyson vacuum burning smell and a popping noise is an example of a problem with the vacuum’s motor. But if the location of the burning smell or smoke is not so clear to you and you know that you have checked all other areas of the vacuum cleaner. Areas such as the brush roller, belt, and vacuum hose, then your problem could be with the motor. 

An overworked motor will generally show signs of overheating and will become hot to the touch and will automatically switch off. Occasionally with older vacuum cleaners, when the motor starts to burn out, you will experience the smell of burnt plastic or wires. It is time to have the motor checked by an authorized professional.

For what to do if your vacuum is smoking, the first step is to switch the vacuum cleaner entirely off. Check the belt and the brush roller, and if they are both in good order, check the vacuum hose and lastly the motor. If the motor is the cause, remember that it is best to have it checked and repaired by an authorized vacuum cleaner repair shop.





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