What to Do With an Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Did you know that all electrical items such as your old vacuum cleaner contain hazardous components? These components can affect the health of people as well as the environment. For this reason, vacuum cleaners need to be disposed of correctly. However, the problem is that many people have no idea what that is and so they just toss it into the dumpster.

However, if you recycle your old vacuum cleaner, you can either help other people or help to conserve natural resources. Resources such as metal, plastic, and maybe glass that are used again for something else.

For what to do with an old vacuum cleaner, you have some options to choose from, such as

  • Recycle 
  • Repair 
  • Reuse
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How to recycle old a vacuum cleaner would depend on if your vacuum is still working or not. If it is working and the reason you want to dispose of the cleaner is that it no longer serves your current needs or you have decided that it is time for a new one. Even if your vacuum cleaner is not working anymore, there are many great ways you can recycle it instead of throwing it in the dumpster. Here are some ideas. 

Recycling a working vacuum cleaner

Trade it in

Some major stores that sell electronics or appliances will allow you to trade your old but working vacuum cleaner in on a new one. This helps you get rid of the machine and reduces the purchase price for your new chosen vacuum cleaner. For the dealer, they get a working vacuum cleaner that they can then refurbish and sell again.

Sell it

Post the vacuum cleaner online with plenty of wonderful photos and excellent descriptions and sell it. If you are wondering, who buys used vacuum cleaners? There are always people looking for used working vacuum cleaners and other small appliances. Places to advertise your old vacuum cleaner online are eBay and Craigslist.

If you prefer local, other places that would buy used vacuum cleaners are:

  • Thrift stores or junk shops
  • Vacuum repair stores

Another way for how to recycle cleaner for cash where you can make a little more than selling a complete machine is to sell the vacuum parts separately. Parts such as the hose, extension wands, nozzles, brushes, and the motor are all worth a little something.

Swap it

If you are not interested in selling your old vacuum cleaner, you can attend a swapping event in your community. Swap your working vacuum cleaner with someone who could use the vacuum for something you could use.

Give it away to someone you know

Although your vacuum cleaner may not meet your needs anymore, it could be helpful to someone you know such as a friend or family member. Give it away free; I am sure they would appreciate it.

There are always people and organizations looking for a little extra help so they can help others. Examples would be organizations such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army who will then sell the vacuum for a little extra cash to help others. 

Other places you could donate your working vacuum cleaner to are addiction centers, animal shelters, or homeless shelters where they may need additional products.

Sometimes, you can also donate the vacuum cleaner to the brand repair store, if you have one near you. They will be happy to take it off your hands and use the machine for spare parts.

Recycling a non-working vacuum cleaner

If your question is where to recycle vacuum cleaners that are not working? You may want to explore the following options.

First, remember that a vacuum consists of different parts and several different materials. Other vacuum cleaners can use the working parts such as the hose, motor, and other attachments. The different materials make other products by melting them down.

To recycle a broken vacuum cleaner, you may need to take the vacuum apart before you recycle them. Then choose one of the following recycling methods:

  • Search for recycling centers
  • Contact the manufacturers of the brand
  • Sell the metal parts to a scrap yard
  • Sell the individual parts online but mention that it is broken

Repair what is broken

For an option for what to do with a broken vacuum, you can investigate what is broken and repair it. For instance, if your vacuum cleaner has lost suction, it could be something small and a quick fix will get it working perfectly again. For a suction problem, check for a leak in the vacuum hose.

If during your inspection, you come across that power cord is the reason why the vacuum cleaner is not working anymore. Either replace the power cord yourself or take it to a vacuum repair store to replace it for you. 

If you have tried everything to repair your broken cleaner, then you can try to find a way to reuse the parts to create something different.

Reuse Vacuum parts to create something new

Different parts of a vacuum cleaner are useful in creating new items that you can use around the house or toys you that you can play with. For example, there are things to do with a vacuum motor that will bring you a lot of pleasure.

So, what can you make with an old vacuum motor?

Although people have said, there is not a lot you can create with the vacuum cleaners motor. There are some people who have made a couple of different things using a vacuum motor and a few other parts. Things such as.

  • A Hovercraft
  • An air blowing fan
  • A water pump
  • Go- cart
  • Toy cars
  • Homemade belt sander
As you can see, there are many options for what to do with an old vacuum cleaner instead of throwing it in the dumpster. You have a choice of selling it, giving away to others, repairing it, or reusing it to create something new.





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