How do I know if my Dyson needs a new battery_

How do I know if my Dyson needs a new battery?

Dyson makes some remarkable cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners that improve with every model. From the Dyson first handheld cleaner, model DC16 to the most recent Dyson V11.With each model of improvement, they become more powerful and the batteries became either larger or two batteries were added. The runtime improved from 20 minutes with the … Continue Reading

How to clean brick floors_

How to clean brick floors?

An interior brick floor adds an amazing look to your home. It is extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions and a lot of foot traffic.But do you have any idea what the upkeep of a brick floor is like?Do you know how to clean brick floors?In this post, we briefly touch on the upkeep … Continue Reading

Why are dogs afraid of vacuums_

Why are dogs afraid of vacuums?

It is a known fact that many dogs are afraid of anything that makes a loud noise. Be it a hairdryer, a power tool, or a vacuum cleaner, they tend to react to it either from the moment it is switched on or from the moment they lay their eyes on it.But, have you ever … Continue Reading

Why Won’t My Vacuum Suck_

Why Won’t My Vacuum Suck?

When your perfectly good vacuum cleaner stops picking up dust and dirt. It can work out expensive to replace it with a newer model. But have you ever stopped to think about the reasons why won’t my vacuum suck anymore?If you think about the way a vacuum works and the job they designed it to … Continue Reading

What to Do With an Old Vacuum Cleaner_

What to Do With an Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Did you know that all electrical items such as your old vacuum cleaner contain hazardous components? These components can affect the health of people as well as the environment. For this reason, vacuum cleaners need to be disposed of correctly. However, the problem is that many people have no idea what that is and so … Continue Reading

What to Do if Your Vacuum is Smoking_

What to Do if Your Vacuum is Smoking?

We rely on our vacuum cleaners to clean up dirt and debris quickly and effectively. More and more people are replacing their old models with newer and more expensive models. They equip the newer models with filters (HEPA) that help reduce indoor pollution caused by dust and debris.Statistics show that by 2023, 24% of the … Continue Reading

How to Use a Crevice Tool in a Vacuum Cleaner_

How to Use a Crevice Tool in a Vacuum Cleaner?

When unpacking a brand new vacuum cleaner out of the box, you find included are a variety of different accessories. You may find yourself questioning what they are for and whether you need them.These accessories or attachments can make the chore of vacuuming your home, offices, car, and even your RV significantly easier. The one … Continue Reading

How Do You Fix a Vacuum That Overheats_

How Do You Fix a Vacuum That Overheats?

Switching on a vacuum cleaner to clean your home and then suddenly after a short time has passed by it overheats and turns off. You wonder what the answer would be to an obvious question. Why did my vacuum turn off?Vacuum cleaners turn themselves off if the motor becomes hot, or it is no longer operating, … Continue Reading

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum_

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum?

Your vacuum cleaner cleans your house and makes your cleaning task easier. Vacuum cleaners pick up dust and dirt as you go, all the while contributing to a better quality of your indoor air.It only makes sense that your job is to clean your vacuum cleaner inside and out. Vacuum cleaner experts say that it … Continue Reading