How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum?

Your vacuum cleaner cleans your house and makes your cleaning task easier. Vacuum cleaners pick up dust and dirt as you go, all the while contributing to a better quality of your indoor air.

It only makes sense that your job is to clean your vacuum cleaner inside and out. Vacuum cleaner experts say that it is best to clean your vacuum every one to three months. This would depend on how often you vacuum your home. But you may ask yourself how to clean a Dyson vacuum and are there different ways of cleaning different models?

It makes no difference if you would like to clean a Dyson ball vacuum or clean a Dyson animal vacuum cleaner. The steps we have given below and the parts involved are all the same. Depending on the Dyson model and type of vacuum you have, the location of one or two of the parts is all that may vary.
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Read the user manual

The first step in cleaning a Dyson vacuum should start with reading your machine’s user manual. Pay attention to the maintenance section and the Dyson vacuum cleaning instructions. These sections will tell you what you can do and cannot do. An example would be an important warning from Dyson to not use water on some parts of the vacuum while cleaning it. Another detail to focus on in the user manual, if you are unsure, is how do you take apart a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Remove vacuum from the power source

When you clean a vacuum cleaner, if it has a power cord, always make sure you unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. If your Dyson is cordless, remove it from the charging station. This will make it easier and safer for you to continue with cleaning your machine.

Clean out and wash the Canister

Next, we focus on how to empty Dyson vacuum dirt canisters. All Dyson models have a pressable bin release button or release clip for emptying the dirt canister when the dirt level reaches the Max line. Some models you pour the dirt out of the canister and others the release button opens the base of the canister for releasing the dirt. 

Make sure you are standing directly over a trash can when emptying the dirt canister. Then shake the canister vigorously to get out as much dirt as you can.

You can then either wash the canister out with some cold water or use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe out the remaining dust and dirt.

Remove and Wash the Filters

When cleaning Dyson vacuums, the filters are one of the most important parts to clean. They are constantly trapping dust and dirt, which builds up, and if left dirty, your vacuum cleaner will no longer clean as it should. 

Cleaning Dyson filters are easy as with many of the Dyson models, the filters are purple. Some Dyson models have only one filter to worry about while others have two. For example, a Dyson ball has a pre-filter at the top of the dirt canister and a post-filter inside the ball.

To clean the Dyson cyclone filter, unscrew the filter from the vacuum, gently tap the debris or dust any large debris off, and rinse it under some cold water. It is not recommended to use any detergent or soap by Dyson themselves, rinsing the filters is good enough to get them clean.

If you want to make sure you have cleaned the filters, you can rinse and gently squeeze the dirty water out on repeat. Do this until the water you squeeze out is clean.

Leave the filters to dry fully for a full day or two before inserting them back into your vacuum cleaner.

For how to remove the filter from the Dyson ball is simple as laying the vacuum on its side with the blue ball cover facing up towards the ceiling. Place a finger in each of the two grooves and turn until the entire cover of the ball is loose. Lift the cover off and turn the post-filter until you remove it from the housing.

If you need to know how to clean the Dyson canister filter, all you need to do is run the filter under cold water 5 to 10 times until the water runs clear.

Clean the brush bar

To clean the brush bar of your Dyson vacuum, turn your vacuum upside down and remove the cover using a flat nose screwdriver. Then remove the hair and other dirt that is tangles around the roller with a pair of scissors. 

Next, wipe out the remaining dust inside the brush bar’s compartment and the brush bar with a damp microfiber cloth. Give the compartment and brush bar enough time to dry before placing it back and reattaching the cover.

Use this opportunity to clean the brush bar cover, wheels, and other parts at the bottom of the machine. You can add a disinfectant solution to your cleaning water, which you will use to wipe off these areas properly.

Clean the hose and other attachments

Remove the hose from your vacuum by following careful instructions given in your Dyson user manual. First, check if there is anything stuck inside the hose that may cause a blockage. Clean out the blockage on the inside of the hose before cleaning and washing the rest of the hose. Remember to allow the hose to dry completely before reattaching it to your vacuum cleaner.

Take advantage of this opportunity to inspect the hose for any holes or cracks and make sure you either fix the hose or replace it.

If your Dyson came with other attachments, you can clean those too. Start by removing the visible chunks of debris from the attachments on the inside and outside with a soft brush and your fingers. 

Wipe away any remaining dirt from each attachment with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use any detergents or soaps while cleaning, as per Dyson’s explicit instructions. Leave the attachment to dry properly before placing them back in the storage area that you have assigned for them.

Clean the exterior of the vacuum

Now that you have cleaned every part of your Dyson vacuum cleaners interior and have reassembled it. It is time to clean the exterior by wiping down with a damp cloth, including the handle and switches of the vacuum.

For how to clean a Dyson vacuum is all about following simple and easy steps, performing one task at a time. Starting with cleaning the dirt canister, filters, the hose, and other attachments to ending with cleaning the exterior of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.





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