Where to Store a Vacuum in a Small Apartment?

Living in a small apartment is a lot of fun as it is easy to keep tidy and clean. The only problem that most people have is that it has very little storage space, especially for a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of equipment that you cannot do without in any sized home, even a small apartment. It helps make the task of cleaning easier and so much quicker to do.

But, when space is limited, you ask where to store a vacuum in a small apartment that would be out of the way but easily accessible when you need it.

In this post, we offer several ideas that are sure to help you find the perfect storage space for your beloved vacuum cleaner. We also include tips for things to consider before you begin to look for that storage space.

Things to consider before looking for storage space

There are four important details to consider before you even begin to find storage space for your vacuum cleaner. They are:

The layout of your apartment

Look at the layout of your apartment, the different rooms, and their sizes. You would usually have the following to work with:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • The bathroom which is not a good place to store a vacuum cleaner
  • TV room
  • Hallway or entrance area
  • And if you are lucky, a garage for a single car

How often do you vacuum

Think about how often you use your vacuum cleaner. If your answer is often, you will need to look for a storage space that is quick and easy to access.

The type of flooring you have

Although the type of flooring you have might not influence where your storage space will be. But it will influence how often you will use it, especially if you have carpets and a pet or two that roams in and out all day.

The size and type of vacuum cleaner

The size and type of vacuum cleaner that you own is important as this will determine how much storage space you will need. It is also a good idea to have the correct type and size vacuum cleaner that works the best in small apartments. For instance, a stick vacuum, a handheld vacuum, or a robotic vacuum cleaner is much easier to find storage space than a canister vacuum cleaner is.

Vacuum cleaner storage ideas

Let us look at each room of your apartment at a time for ideas of the best places to store a vacuum.


Kitchen in Small Apartment SmartVacuumGuide

In the kitchen, there is often a pantry type cupboard with a section that can be used to store a vacuum cleaner. Either you can rearrange a section or remove a shelf or two for it to fit in or you can add a section on the inside of the door specifically to hold your vacuum.

If you happen to have a broom cupboard, this would be the perfect place to store a vacuum cleaner. This would also depend on the size of the cupboard as well as the size of your vacuum cleaner.

If you do not have a pantry or a broom closet, look for a small awkward space or empty corner in your kitchen. It is a space that is usually too small for anything to fit into, but you can then use this space to build a closet for your vacuum and its accessories.


Bedroom in Small Apartment SmartVacuumGuide

The best storage space in your bedroom for a vacuum cleaner would be a place that few people consider as a storage space, which is under your bed. You will first need to make sure, that your vacuum can be laid flat on the ground and if your bed is high enough for it to fit under. 

The same option as in the kitchen of building a closet for an awkward corner can apply to any other room in your small apartment, including your bedroom. You can use a corner next to your nightstand or an open corner by your window or clothes closet.

Also, take note if your bedroom is on the same level as the rest of your apartment or if you have a staircase leading up to it. If this is the case, using or creating storage space under your staircase for your vacuum cleaner is also a great idea.

TV Room

TV Room in Small Apartment SmartVacuumGuide

Use an awkward corner in your TV room to store your vacuum and conceal it. A place that you could also consider storing your vacuum is behind or underneath your couch. This would depend on if it is against a wall or it is not too low on the ground for the vacuum to fit.

Another idea is if you have an open window, you can build and create a window seat made from wood. You can then store the vacuum inside the seat.

Hallway (Entrance Area)

Hallway in Small Apartment SmartVacuumGuide

A great place to store a vacuum is in a hallway or linen closet by assigning or designing an area specifically for your type of vacuum cleaner.


Garage in a Small Apartment SmartVacuumGuide

If you really do not have space in your apartment and want to know where to store a vacuum in a small apartment, try your garage. Using your assigned garage for storing your vacuum will only work if it is not too far from your apartment. 

Make sure you can use either a corner or a wall space that is out of the way. That you can still able to park your car and you don’t land up bumping body parts every time you enter or exit your car.

Other Ideas

  • Hanging or mounting on an open wall or door in your small apartment
  • Create an interesting cover for your vacuum to help hide it away
  • Design a work of art decorative piece with crates and paint. Place the open side against the wall with the vacuum inside so no one can see it
  • For a stick or upright vacuum cleaner, another great hiding or storing place is behind your curtains in the corner. You can use tie backs to help cover the vacuum with the curtains

All it takes is a little creativity to figure out where to store a vacuum in a small apartment. Start by accessing the layout of your apartment, the type of flooring you have, like carpets, and type of vacuum cleaner. Then look at every awkward corner or closet that you can use in your apartment. Pair it together with the ideas that we have included and you are sure to find the perfect storage space for your vacuum cleaner.





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