How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord?

Has your vacuum cleaner stopped working for no reason at all? The majority of the time we will toss it to one side and go on the hunt to buy a new one.

But do you know that many different parts of a vacuum cleaner can either be repaired or replaced?

For example, if the belt or beater bar is broken, you can replace it. And if there is a hole in the vacuum cleaners hose, you can repair it yourself.

You might be asking but what about the power cord of a vacuum cleaner. A power cord is probably the one part of a vacuum cleaner that overlooked and suffers the most abuse by its user. 

For the most part, it is forgiving. No matter how many times you vacuum over the cord, or stretch it to as far as it can possibly go, it will carry on working.

But what happens if it stops working?

Can you replace a vacuum cleaner power cord?

replace a vacuum cleaner power cord

The short answer is yes.

However, do you know how to replace a vacuum cleaner power cord?

In this article, we cover a quick and easy way to replace the power cord on a vacuum cleaner yourself at home. It does not really matter whether you have a Hoover, Shark, or Dyson vacuum cleaner. The power cord is connected to the motor of the vacuum cleaner in more or less the same way.

You can decide to replace or repair the cord by sending it to almost any vacuum cleaner repair shop. They will do the vacuum cleaner cord repair or replacement for you for a small fee. Or you can follow the easy steps below to do it yourself.

Deciding to repair or to replace the power cord

The first thing you should do is investigate the power cord. Check the area where the damage is and make a decision whether it is best to replace the entire cord or repair the section that is damaged.

Repairing a section of the cord

The main areas that you would usually find damage to the cord are either at the plug of the cord or somewhere in the center of the cord.

Repairing the cord at the Plug

If the damage is close to or at the plug of the power cord, then follow the directions to replace a vacuum cleaner plug.

  • Cut the cord about two or three inches above the plug. 
  • Clear the wires, about half an inch on the tip of the cord of the plastic insulation that protects the wires so that you can see each wire clearly.
  • Unscrew the cover of the new plug so that you can attach each color-coded wire to the correct terminals inside the plug. Then place the cover back on the plug and tighten the screws.

Repairing the center of the cord

To repair damage at the center of the cord, you will need to cut the power cord on both sides of the damaged area. This leaves your cord in two pieces.

You will then need to join the two cords together again by using a female and male plug. Attach the one side of the cut cord to the female plug and the other side to the male plug by attaching the wires to the terminals inside the plugs. Then plug the female plug into the male plug and you are good to go again.

If your choice is to replace the entire power cord of your vacuum cleaner then follow the following steps.

Buy the power cord

First, you will need to buy a replacement power cord. Make sure that the cord is either exactly the same or at least the same size and weight of the previous one.

Then follow the next steps for how to replace a vacuum cleaner power cord.

Remove the damaged Power Cord

  • Place your vacuum cleaner on a table to help make repairing it easier
  • Make sure that you have the correct tools for the job handy
  • To gain 
  • Take note of the way the wires of the power cord are attached to the motor. 
  • Disassembled the bottom plate or the outer housing to gain access to the motor and the connective end of the power cord
  • Carefully check the number of screws, clips, or fasteners that you will need to loosen to gain access to the motor and the cord.
  • It is best to take pictures or make drawings of the now exposed area of the cable and motor. This will help you to attach the new power cord and to reassemble the vacuum correctly.
  • Remove all the screws, clips, fasteners, and connectors from both the cord and the motor.  
  • Gently pull the damaged power cord-free from your vacuum cleaner

Attaching the new Power Cord

Connecting and attaching the new power cord is the easy part. All the job entails now is to copy the exact way your wires were connected to the motor from your photos or sketches.

  • Place the photos or sketches next to your vacuum so that you can follow it
  • Thread the new power cord into the vacuum cleaner
  • Use the clips, fasteners, and screws from the damaged cord on the new cord  to hold the cord in place
  • Connect the power cord to the motor by stripping half to 1 inch of insulated cover from the new cord to expose the wires. 
  • Twist wires around the color-coded terminals or according to your pictures with a pair of pliers and fasten the screws
  • Attach the cord fastener or retainer
  • Reassemble all other parts that you needed to take off to access the motor, for example, the filter or the belt.
  • Place the bottom plate or motor housing cover and tighten the screws

Don’t rush out to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Rather learn how to replace a vacuum cleaner power cord yourself at home. It is not very difficult if you take the time to figure out what needs to be removed before you start the power cord replacement job. Do this by taking photos or drawing sketches of all the items that you do remove. This simple step will help you to reinstall everything correctly once the job is complete.





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