Best way to clean interior car windows

Cleaning interior car windows sound like a relatively easy task until you try to do the job. There is nothing worse than driving with a dirty car window or windows that are hazy or foggy.

The only way to feel more comfortable on the road again is to clean the car windows. But, getting rid of those unsightly streaks seems to be a losing battle for many people. They then give up on cleaning the car’s interior windows entirely.

But, what if I told you that there is a way to clean interior car windows that are streak-free and are spotless.

How to clean car windows inside all comes down to three things, which are:

  • Where you clean your windows
  • What cleaning products and tools you use
  • The way you clean your car’s interior windows
clean interior car windows

The best way to clean interior car windows is to start with the best time to wash your car windows, which is on an overcast day. If it is not, make sure to park your car in the shade before you begin cleaning the interior windows. 

Why is this? You may ask

The main cause of streaks on your car windows is due to the sun drying up the window cleaner solution too quickly even on the inside. This dried solution leaves a fine residue on the windows of your car that appear as streaks.

Another cause is that you might have cleaned the windows before you cleaned the dashboard and side panels of the car. The cleaning solution that you used on the dashboard has transferred to the windows, causing streaks. It is best to wash the windows last when cleaning the interior of your car.

What to use to clean inside car windows

The basic cleaning products and tools you will need are:

  • Cleaning and drying towels
  • Car window cleaner 
  • Tools that will help you reach difficult areas on the windshield as well as the rear window.

Cleaning and drying towels

The type of cleaning and drying towels you use plays a huge role in cleaning the interior windows of your car. The best types to use are the microfiber towels as they leave your windows clean, lint, and streak-free. 

Try Microfiber Glass cleaning cloths, these packs include both green and blue super-soft cloths that last. The green cloths are best for removing debris and dust from the car windows. The tightly woven blue cloths are then best for drying the windows without leaving lint behind.

Car window cleaner

The next product you need is a good car window cleaner. Be sure to use a glass cleaner that is specifically designed to clean car windows. One that is easy to apply without dripping and causing a bigger mess.

We recommend the Invisible Glass 91164 as it contains only water, hydrocarbon blend, and hydrocarbon propellant. The no-drip, fine mist from the spray can is safe to use on both tinted and non-tinted windows. It cleans interior car windows that are perfectly clean without leaving any streaks behind.

Reaching tools

Next, an Interior windshield cleaner tool, such as a reaching tool will come in handy. It will help you to reach in the corners of the windshield and the rear window.

Our recommendation for this one is the XINDELL Window Windshield Cleaning Tool. This tool has a pivoting head that is soft and is made from a fine fiber material that is non-slip. The extra-long extension handle that it comes with is lightweight and is easy to maneuver to reach those difficult areas. This perfect reaching tool will help you to remove dust, dirt, and finger marks on the interior windows.

Now that you have all the cleaning products and tools that you need. It is now time to start cleaning the interior windows.

Steps to follow for cleaning interior car windows

Follow the following steps for the best way to clean interior car windows:

Step One – Dust windows

Clean dust from windshield, side windows, and rear window as dust will come in from outside and accumulate inside your car before you notice it. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe down each window on the inside of your car. This will remove any loose dirt from the windows, making it easier for you to start washing them.

Step Two - Wash inside car windows

Sit in the passenger seat as this is the best way to clean inside of car windshield. It gives you more room to move freely while cleaning the windows. If your interior windows are full of dirty or sticky marks, take a clean microfiber cloth, some soap, and water and wash the windows. 

Ensure that the cloth is not too wet, as this will cause soapy water to drip and run everywhere. Rinse the cloth with clean water before wiping the soap off the windows.

For the side windows, the easiest way to clean the whole window is by rolling down the window to clean the top of the glass and roll it up again to clean the rest

Step Three – Use the reaching tool

For the areas like the corners on the windshield and rear window, use the reaching tool from our suggestions to clean.

Step Four – Apply the window cleaner

Spray some of the window cleaner, we suggested on a clean microfiber cloth and wipe each window down. It is best to use up and down and side to side motions that will enable you to avoid leaving streaks behind.

Then buff the windows with a fresh cloth, ensuring that the solution and stubborn marks have been removed.

If you need to clean foggy windows in car, you can treat your window with an Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray. An all-natural water mist formula that can be applied wet or dry, protecting your windshield and fog-free.

Once the interior windows are clean, you can tackle cleaning the rest of the inside of the car such as the console and especially under the seats. Then move to the exterior of the car where you should wash the entire car first before cleaning the windows.

The best way to clean interior car windows is in the shade, using the best cleaning products and tools. Also by wiping the windows in even strokes from side to side and up and down will result in perfectly cleaned windows.





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