How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner quieter?

Vacuum cleaners are easily the most loved cleaning tool for any home but can quickly become an annoying one. Especially if they start quietly and then suddenly become too loud to operate.

So you left questioning the reasons why it becomes so noisy and asking yourself how can I make my vacuum quieter again?

In this article, we look at some of the reasons that can cause your vacuum cleaner to become noisy. We also look at what you can do that will help make it quieter again.

Let us first look at why are vacuums so loud, to begin with.

This would be because of the type of motor the vacuum operates with and of cause the sound of moving air as the vacuum sucks up the dust and dirt.

Then what would cause a vacuum to go from reasonably quiet to extremely noisy? There are a number of problems that can be the cause and each one making their own sound. It could be a muffled sound or a high-pitched sound, depending on the problem.

Causes of a suddenly noisy vacuum cleaner

Any of the reasons below could affect the type of sound your vacuum cleaner is making.

  • First, you need to assess where the sound is coming from while the machine is turned on. Listen carefully to which area of the vacuum cleaner is making an unusual noise.
  • Once you know more or less, where the source of the noise is. Turn the cable cord off so that you can begin working on the problem.
  • Full dust bag or dirt cups can cause a vacuum cleaner to suddenly make louder noises. Empty and clean the dust bag or cup out and check to see if it solves your problem.
  • Dirty Filters are often a cause of a louder noise because the vacuum is struggling to suck the air with more dust and dirt. This then causes the motor to work a lot harder than it usually does which then causes a louder noise. Cleaning your filters will help make your vacuum quieter.
  • A blockage of dirt or debris in any part of your vacuum can cause a louder noise like the hose, filter, attachments, dirt canister, or dust bag. Remove any and all blockages
  • Jammed or broken brush bearings that may need a little lubrication or repairs
  • The belt of the vacuum that is damaged or jammed could also be a reason for some added noise it may be making.
  • The fan of the vacuum cleaner is often a missed cause. It may be dirty and can be easily cleaned using q tips or it could have a broken blade.
  • Cracks or holes in the hose or canister of your vacuum cleaner will cause a type of whistling sound
  • Trapped objects, like small toys, coins, and hair (pet and human) are another cause of a vacuum to suddenly become louder.
  • The motor – if the noise is the motor of your vacuum cleaner it is best to take it to a professional to repair it or to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Other ideas to make my vacuum cleaner quieter

Other ideas to make my vacuum cleaner quieter

It took some deep diving but we found a couple of interesting ideas that you could give a try. One of these ideas is sure to answer your question how can I make my vacuum quieter.

Build an enclosed box to keep your vacuum cleaner inside to help block out some of the noise.

But we see a problem with this, the box would need to be portable which then makes it heavier to move around your home. Therefore, for this type of design, it would be a great idea as something fixed in one area or one room like your garage or workshop.

Muffle the noise that comes from the air outlet of your vacuum cleaner. 

This is done by covering the air outlet with a piece of cloth. But do be careful, if this is done incorrectly it can cause your vacuum to overheat and burn out.

So take the piece of cloth, make many tiny holes in it, cover the air outlet, and tie it to the rim. This allows for some air to still pass through but also reduces some of the noise. The cloth should inflate like a balloon if you have done the job correctly.

On the other hand, you could choose to use Melamine foam as it does a great job minimizing the noise of a vacuum cleaner by lowering the vibrations it makes.


Causes of a suddenly noisy vacuum cleaner

Add a muffler specifically for your type of vacuum

Check with your vacuum cleaners user manual, as many do offer you the opportunity to purchase a muffler specifically for your type of vacuum. 

If it does not then there are still another two choices for you below.

For a funny one

Buy yourself some noise-canceling headphones, if you live alone and one each for your entire family if you do not. This way nobody in your home will be bothered by the noise your vacuum cleaner makes.

Buy a new vacuum Cleaner

It is best to buy one that is classified as a low noise vacuum than the one you already own. While out shopping, remember to focus on one that has fewer decibels (dB) for when the power is set at its maximum. The fewer decibels the quieter the vacuum will be.

If you need some extra help on deciding on a quieter vacuum cleaner, you could choose a few different ones. Our choice is an Electrolux SilentPerformer with a noise level of 65 dB or a Miele Complete C3 generates a 50 dB of noise.

Vacuum cleaners that are noisy can be annoying and stressful to you, your family, and your neighbors. The best way to answer your question how can I make my vacuum quieter is for you to access your vacuum and understand the cause of the noise. Once you know where the noise is coming from you can begin the process of making it quieter again.





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