How to Remove Ash Safely With an Ash Vacuum?

No one loves a filthyfireplace in the living room or anywhere else in the house. A clean fireplace can make the house look complete without all the debris of soot lying around the place. In fact, anywhere fire is used there is always a tendency for it to look very dirty with carbon soot settling around the area.

Other sources of carbon soot are wooden stoves, pallet ovens and barbecue grills that are used to host parties. Now after the party is over, you are left with the difficult chore of cleaning up the environment and dealing with ash residue around fireplaces.

How well you go about cleaning will determine whether the chore will be hectic or easy. Ash residues are very bad for your health and can elicit allergies on those who are asthmatic.

Removing Ash by using Ash Vacuum Cleaner

So it is imperative that you take concrete measures to clear out ashes from the surrounding once there is a build-up after a major event or party.

Why you shouldn’t use a Traditional Vacuum

It can be very tempting to use a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean out ash residues but we strongly advise against it. The only thing you should use to clean out ash residues is with a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner. Dedicated ash vacuum cleaners are engineered to deal with the troublesome mess left by ash in the environment. If you use a traditional vacuum cleaner you will end up causing serious damage to the interior workings and machine of the vacuum cleaner.

We cannot overemphasize how important it is to buy a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner because regular vacuum cleaners are not equipped with the right machinery to deal with ash residue. In fact, in terms of safety, you might just be putting yourself at a health disadvantage by using a traditional vacuum cleaner to take out ash and soot.

Ash vacuum cleaners have been engineered specifically to deal with problematic ash residues even while they are still hot. It is interesting to note that most times ash residues do not cool down on time - they take between 18 to 24 hours before they are brought to the temperature ideal for traditional vacuum cleaning. This is why it is never a safe idea to use a traditional vacuum cleaner to take out ash residues.

Because of the fact that ash residues don't cool down quickly if you have to use a traditional vacuum cleaner you may need to wait a fortnight to get the cleaning job done. Waiting that long exposes the risk and hazard of air pollution. The particulate nature of ash allows them to be carried easily by the wind and into the air causing potential air pollution around the neighborhood and in your house.

While we agree that HEPA filters have some of the technologically most advanced filtration systems for vacuum cleaning, it is still not a bright idea to use traditional vacuum cleaners even if they are fitted with dedicated HEPA filters.

Benefits of using a dedicated Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Dedicated Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Like we have stated before Ash residues stay moderately hot for a reasonable amount of time before they are safe enough for regular vacuum cleaners. But you don’t have the luxury of waiting that long to clean out your environment because of the potential hazard it can cause.

To mitigate the crisis of ash residues lying around, there are dedicated ash vacuum cleaners available for this task. Here are some features or reasons that differentiate them from traditional vacuum cleaning:

  • Because ash residues can stay hot for a long time, dedicated Ash vacuum cleaners are made with a metal case housing canister used to store them safely from the rest of the compartment. Contrast that with the plastic canister of regular vacuums and you can appreciate the importance of an ash vacuum cleaners.
  • HEPA filters although technologically-advanced are not designed to fully capture the ultrafine particles of ashes. HEPA filters are more designed or engineered to tackle larger particles such as dust, hair, and pet dander from the atmosphere.
  • The storage compartment of a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner is not the only compartment that is made of metal, there are other compartments engineered to cope with the hot nature of ash. Even the horse that sucks in the ash residue is also constructed to deal with the heat from the ash.
  • The storage compartment of dedicated ash vacuum cleaners is built to withstand heat and the complexities associated with storing ash for a few days. So users are not to be bothered with constantly cleaning out this compartment.

Cleaning tips for using an Ash vacuum

There isn’t much difference between using a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner and a traditional vacuum cleaner but there are few differences that will help you perform better. Be advised that with an ash vacuum cleaner you can’t pick up large pieces of coal but only fine and fresh soot residues. The HEPA filters in them only serve to collect the ultrafine particles of ash. Here some ash cleaning steps to follow:

1. First, plug in the machine to power it up
2. Startup the suction power by pressing the nozzle to the fireplace that needs cleaning
3. Clean as much as you want until you are satisfied with the output
4. Once you are done with the cleaning routine, pull down the hose and shut off the machine

Cleaning Tips for using an Ash Vacuum

It's a brilliant idea to clean fireplaces prior to using them, that way you won't be left with a mountain of cleaning tasks to complete after using the fireplace. Once you have finished using the fireplace,make sure to practice a little cleaning session when the ash has cooled down a bit.

Even though we are aware that you are using a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner,  it's still not advisable to clean out the fireplace while the harsh is still very hot.  Try extinguishing the fireplace and ensure it has cooled to a reasonable degree before using the ash vacuum cleaner.  Remember,  that sometimes even though the ash may look cool on the outside it may still be very hot on the inside so be very careful while you are cleaning.

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