How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner with No Suction?

A vacuum cleaner is a housecleaning tool that many people rely on. This tool has become essential in assisting us in cleaning our homes effectively.

But when it breaks down and becomes useless because there is no suction for it to do its job. We think that our only solution is to go out and buy a better and more expensive one for our apartment or house that will last longer.

But in actual fact, you only need to know and understand why do vacuums lose suction. Then find what is causing it and fixing those problems.

The reasons why vacuum cleaners end up having little suction or no suction at all

The main reasons are as follows:

  • The incorrect setting is being used
  • The dust bag or canister is too full
  • The filters have a buildup of dirt or are damaged
  • The hose has a blockage or is cracked
  • The rollers or brushes are clogged
  • The vacuum’s belt is broken
  • Different parts of the vacuum aren’t airtight

Below we include a step-by-step guide of finding the cause and how to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction. It also does not matter which brand of vacuum you have. Whether it is a Shark, Bissell, Hoover, Black and Decker, Dyson vacuum that has lost suction. 

They all work more or less the same.

Step#1 – Check Settings of the vacuum

Before we get stuck in and find what is causing your vacuum cleaner to have no suction and how to fix vacuum suction.

Check that you have had the vacuum cleaner on the correct setting for the type of flooring that you want to vacuum. This is something that is so simple but is easily forgotten

If the setting is not at the correct height level then this could be the reason for your vacuum cleaner not picking up dust and dirt off the floor. It could also be the reason why your vacuum my feel that it has very little suction or no suction at all.

The majority of modern vacuum cleaners will have a dial or a switch where you are able to change the settings for the different floor types for example for bare floors, which is usually the lowest setting, or for carpets at the highest setting.

First, try to change the setting and see if this will help fix your suction problem. If that does not work them move onto step two.

Step#2 – The dust bag or canister

The dust bag or canister is on top of the list of how to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction and most often is the cause of the problem.

Check if your dust bag or dirt canister is full by removing it from its housing. Empty out the dirt completely and wash out the canister or the bag if it is a reusable one. If it is not reusable then replace the bag with a new one.

Before you replace the canister or bag back in its place. Take this opportunity to check for any cracks or tears in the canister or bag. Then inspect the areas that lead to the canister or bag for any obstructions to the flow of air. Finally, check and clean the mouth of the hose and around the seal and make sure that there is nothing blocking it.

Replace it back in its housing and test the vacuum cleaner to see if this has solved your problem. If there is still no suction, then move onto Step 3.

Step#3 – Perform a hose inspection

With this step, we move onto inspecting the hose of the vacuum cleaner. First, check the hose for any cracks or holes as this can cause your vacuum cleaner to lose its suction. If there is, you can either go out and buy a new hose or use old-fashioned duct tape or electrical tape to cover the cracks or holes.

Next check the hose to see if there isn’t debris clogging it up. Then disconnect the hose from the unit and stretch it out to its full length.  You can then either use a second vacuum cleaner to suck out the debris from the hose and if you don’t have one, a broomstick handle will do the job. Carefully slide the broomstick into the hose and push out any dirt that is lodged inside.

Replace the hose and test your vacuum again to see if this has solved your suction problem. It is then time to check the filter or filters.

Step#4 – The Filter check and clean

Some vacuum cleaners only have one filter and others may have two or more filters. Filters that have a buildup of dirt or are damaged can affect the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. It is best to run a check on all the filters to see if they might need cleaning or replacing

Most of the newer model type vacuums have washable filters, this makes them easy to clean, and wash. Once they are dry, they can be replaced back into place and the vacuum can be tested again to see if the suction power is any better.

Step#5 – The vacuum belt check

The belt of the vacuum cleaner that is damaged, jammed, or clogged with debris could also be a reason for your vacuum to have no suction. Check the belt for any cracks or weak points and if there were, it would need to be replaced with a new one. If not then make sure that the belt is free of any debris and functions easily. 

Step#6 – Check the Rollers or rotating brush

Another place to check for clogging is the rollers and rotating brushes underneath the vacuum. Clean out any type of debris that may be caught up between the rollers or brushes. This causes the vacuum cleaner to struggle to pick up any other dirt.

Step#7 – The Airtight check

The final check is to make sure that every part of the vacuum is airtight. If there is an area of the vacuum that air is escaping, the vacuum will lose suction power and will struggle to pick up any of the dirt.

Check that you have inserted the hose correctly and that it is tight enough so that no air can escape. Then check to make sure that the dirt canister or bag is attached properly to the vacuum.

You can easily find and fix your vacuum cleaners with no suction yourself. All you need to do is follow the steps for how to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction that we have provided. You can be sure that you will have your vacuum cleaner working again as good as new.





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