How to Clean Eureka Vacuum

You have finally set time aside to clean and vacuum your house. So, your Eureka is out of the closet, plugged in, and you feel ready, to begin with, the task.

But, you turn on the machine and realize that your eureka airspeed one is not picking up anything, you try, then try again, turning it on and off, but nothing. 

You wonder why my eureka vacuum has no suction? 

What could be the problem and how to fix a eureka vacuum cleaner?

Take a deep breath and try to remember, when was the last time you did a little maintenance of your machine. The majority of the time, suction problems have something to do with a blockage in the hose, a full dirt container, or dirty filters.

In this post, we cover how to clean a Eureka vacuum, from taking it partially apart, cleaning it to how to put a eureka vacuum back together.

Taking your Eureka apart

Make sure to turn off and unplug the vacuum cleaner before you begin with taking it apart to clean. 

Taking any make or model vacuum cleaner apart should start with you reading the vacuum’s manual. The manual will give you instructions on how to remove and clean the following items.

  • The dirt container or bag from your vacuum
  • The filters
  • The vacuum’s hose
  • The brush roller and belt

There are usually clear labels on the vacuum, stating the purpose of a certain button or lever. An example is the dirt container lever or a lever for the filter.

Clean Eureka Vacuum

Cleaning your Eureka vacuum cleaning

Dust cup or Bag

Your first step should be to remove the dirt cup, or bag and emptying it in the garbage bin. To remove the dust cup for example, on Eureka Airspeed Model # NEU100, press the release button and pull the cup out. 

Empty it over a garbage can by pressing the button to open the bottom of the cup. Close the bottom again and if needed give the dirt cup a quick rinse under some running water and leave it to dry. If your Eureka vacuum has a reusable bag, empty it and place it back, if not place a fresh bag in your machine.

The Eureka LightSpeed 4700D has a dust cup similar to the Eureka Airspeed Model # NEU100 that is transparent. This makes it easy for you to see when the cup is full and needs emptying. To remove the dust cup on the Eureka LightSpeed 4700D, you have two choices.

  • Lift the latch and pull to release the cup. 
  • On the side of the cup, you will see a lock and an open symbol. Turn the lid to the open and hold the lid while you pull it away from the cup.

Eureka vacuum filter cleaning

The next item to clean on your machine is the eureka vacuum cleaner filters, these filters need to be cleaned, rinsed, or replaced regularly. The eureka washable filter which is the eureka airspeed vacuum filter is found on top of the dirt cup lid.  They are usually a foam type of filter that can be hand washed and rinsed under warm water and with a drop or two of dish soap. If you wash the filter, be sure to allow it to dry for 24 hours before placing it back in the machine. 

To clean a eureka lightspeed vacuum filter, which is a pleated filter that can be lifted, removed, and tapped on the side of the garbage can to clean off the dirt and debris. This filter is also washable, but only by rinsing it off with warm water, shaking off excess water, and then left to dry.

Clear out the hose

Check and clear the hose of any blockages by removing the hose from your vacuum. Do a visible check for dirt stuck inside the hose and clear it out with either your finger if you can reach or use the stick of a broom to push the blockage out.

Submerge the hose in soapy warm water and give it a good wash, rinse it out and let it dry. It is also a good idea to check the hose for cracks or holes so you can either repair the hose or attach a replacement hose.

Clean the brush roller and check  the belt

The brush roller cannot clean any floor if covered with dirt and debris that has become lodged in between the bristles. You should do a regular check of both the brush roller and belt for signs of wear at the same time as cleaning them.

To clean the brush roller, follow the next steps.

  • Turn the vacuum upside down with the brush roller facing the ceiling.
  • Remove the screws and lift off the cover.
  • Place one hand on each side of the brush and lift it out.
  • Remove the debris from the brush roller by either pulling it out or cutting it loose.
  • Clean inside the brush roller housing.

To check the belt, follow these steps.

  • Remove the belt from the motor shaft.
  • Examine the belt carefully for damages, such as cuts or unusual stretched areas.

Putting your Eureka vacuum back together again

Once you are done with the cleaning and all parts have dried, it is time to put your Eureka vacuum cleaner back together again.

Start with where you ended the cleaning process, the brush roller, and the belt. Replace the brush into the slots you pulled it out from and reposition the belt, exactly how you removed it. Then place the cover back with the screws you removed earlier and turn your vacuum back into its usual upright position.

Reconnect your vacuum hose and return the clean or new filters to their housing before returning the dust cup to its secure position.

How to clean a Eureka vacuum may look more difficult than it is. All you need to do is concentrate on cleaning the four important parts of the vacuum. These parts, which are the dust cup, the filters, the hose, and the brush roller and belt, are more often than not, the culprits for suction problems.





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