Bag or Bagless Vacuum Which Is Better_

Bag or Bagless Vacuum Which Is Better?

We all want a clean house. No matter whether our homes have wall-to-wall carpets, or hardwood floors, laminated or tiled floors, a good vacuum cleaner is the best tool to use.But when buying a vacuum cleaner, we face so many choices. Choices that involve the type of vacuum, the size, and even the question of … Continue Reading

How to clean a Miele vacuum_

How to Clean a Miele Vacuum?

Keeping your vacuum cleaner clean, free of dust and dirt prolongs the life of your cleaner. It only makes sense that if you spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner, such as a Miele vacuum, you would want it to last.Learning how to clean a Miele vacuum will only benefit you.Therefore, whether you … Continue Reading

How to Clean Carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner_

How to Clean Carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner

A clean carpet is a top goal for every carpet lover, as the majority understands that taking proper care of their carpets will keep it looking spectacular. Keeping your carpets clean also helps to improve your air quality inside your home, and help to protect your carpet’s warranty.With that said, how do you go about … Continue Reading

How to clean dust off walls_

How to Clean Dust off Walls?

The walls in your home do get dusty and dirty over time, the same as any other area in your home. But when last did you clean the dust off the walls, not to mention washed them?If you think about how often, do family members touch the walls, lean against them, or bump something against … Continue Reading

How to clean a Hoover vacuum

How to clean a Hoover vacuum?

We rely on our vacuum cleaners to help us clean our homes quickly and effectively. Our vacuum cleaners rely on us to clean them regularly so they can operate at their best.So if you want your Hoover to keep performing and to last a long time. You should learn when and how to clean a … Continue Reading

How to Clean Eureka Vacuum_

How to Clean Eureka Vacuum

You have finally set time aside to clean and vacuum your house. So, your Eureka is out of the closet, plugged in, and you feel ready, to begin with, the task.But, you turn on the machine and realize that your eureka airspeed one is not picking up anything, you try, then try again, turning it … Continue Reading

How to clean a Roomba

How to Clean a Roomba?

Don’t you just love your Roomba!A Roomba vacuum is an amazing invention because it can automatically clean your floors for you even while you are not around.However, from time to time it needs your love in return.How do you return the love?The answer is by performing a little Roomba maintenance, which is important if you … Continue Reading

How to clean a Bissell vacuum

How to Clean a Bissell Vacuum?

Is your Bissell vacuum cleaner flinging debris across the room with every stroke?If true, then it is time to perform a little more maintenance than just emptying the dirt collection container. It is time to give your cleaner a good so it can do its job and work efficiently again.Before we begin with the simple … Continue Reading