How to Clean a Shark Vacuum?

  • Is your shark vacuum leaving behind dirt as you clean?
  • Has it lost some of its powerful suction?
  • Does it make a loud, strange suction noise?
  • Does it suddenly give off an unpleasant smell?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, there is no need for you to panic just yet. It is unnecessary to jump to a conclusion that it is time for your vacuum’s funeral.

A simple explanation and a solution for this is your vacuum requires a proper clean inside and out.

So it is now time to learn how to clean a shark vacuum.

In this article, you will learn the different components of the shark vacuum cleaner that should be detached and cleaned.

Let us begin with cleaning a shark vacuum.
clean a Shark vacuum

How to clean shark navigator dust cup

To clean the dust cup for a shark navigator vacuum or any other shark model, you need to remove the dust cup and empty it first. To remove the dust cup, slide the release button on the top of the dust cup separating the cup from the machine. Then make your way to the trash can to empty the dirt by opening the bottom of the cup by pressing the lower release button.

For other shark models, either pressing the release button or pulling up on the cup’s release latch near or top of the dust cup can remove the dust cups.

Once you have disposed of the dirt inside the cup, you can wash the cup in warm soapy water. Then rinse the excess soap out and leave the cup to dry. Before replacing the dust cup in the machine, make sure it is dry.

How to clean shark vacuum filter

The next step is to clean shark vacuum filters, which is a very important step as clean filters solve many of the vacuum cleaner issues. Vacuum issues such as suction reduction, an unpleasant smell, and strange suction noises.

If you were paying attention when you removed the dust cup, you should have seen the filters underneath the cup. 

Remove the filters

Check what type of filters your shark vacuum cleaner has, as there are different cleaning methods for the felt filters to the foam filters. If you are unsure, follow the shark vacuum filter cleaning instructions in your manual.

Remove the dirt and dust from the filters

For both types of filters, the shark vacuum filter cleaning process involves you removing the excess dirt and dust from the filters by lightly tapping the sides of filters over the trash can. 

Cleaning the different filters

  • Felt filters

Shark does not recommend washing the felt filters of their vacuum cleaners, but many sharks owners have without a problem by being delicate.

To clean a felt filter, just tap the filters gently to loosen the dirt and wipe it clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Standard Foam filters

For how to clean a shark vacuum foam filter, is as easy as holding it under warm running water and gently squeezing the dirt out with your fingers. Repeat this action until the water’s color is back to its normal clean self. Some people have managed to use a mild detergent such as dish soap to wash it clean without damaging the filter.

If you have used water to clean the shark filters in any way, you should leave them to dry for at least 24 hours before replacing them in the machine.

  • HEPA filters

If your shark vacuum cleaner model has a HEPA filter before you begin with your shark HEPA filter cleaning, make sure it is a washable type. If it is, then it is best to clean the dirt loose dirt off and wash the filter under warm running water.

If it is time for you to buy shark replacement filters, you can go to the Shark website or try Amazon. Make sure you buy the correct filters for your Shark model.

How to clean shark vacuum brush

To clean the brush of the shark vacuum cleaner, lay it down on its back so you can see the brush. Then to gain access to the brush you need to remove the plate and the roller if your model has one.

You will now be able to see tangled hair, and other debris caught in the brush. The easiest way to clean all that dirt is to cut it free by using a pair of scissors but be careful not to cut any of the bristles. Once loose, use your fingers to pull the dirt out, making sure that the brush is clean. 

How to clean shark vacuum roller

If you have a Shark duo-clean model, then you will also have a roller that needs cleaning. Remove the roller by sliding it out of its position and brush lightly off the dirt and debris with a soft brush. If you feel the need to wash the roller, do this by rinsing it under some running water and leave to dry.

How to clean shark vacuum hose

Another item to clean when cleaning your shark vacuum is the hose. To clean the hose, detach it from the machine, and dislodge any visible debris stuck inside. 

Make your way over to the sink, fill it with soapy hot water, and then insert the hose in the water. Wash the outside of the hose before moving on to the inside of the hose.

Allow the inside to fill with the soapy so you can hold it up to form a “U shape”. Close both sides of the hose with your hand to trap the water inside and shake to clean it.

Reunite vacuum parts

Once all the key parts are clean and dry, it is time to reunite them with the machine. Be sure to replace each part, especially the filters back the same way you took them out of the vacuum cleaner.

The exterior wipe down

The last of the cleaning task for your shark vacuum is to wipe the exterior down with a damp microfiber cloth.

How to clean a Shark vacuum is a simple process that you should perform regularly. Starting with the dust cup, the filters, the brush, and roller and ending with cleaning the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Once the items have dried properly, then the only thing to do is to reunite them with the machine.





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