Cleaning inside of a vacuum hose

Cleaning Inside of a Vacuum Hose

The hose is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner without it; your vacuum cleaner is useless. The tube takes a beating every time you clean your home and works the hardest to pick up dirt and debris around the house.Cleaning inside of a vacuum hose and outside is often a task that is forgotten … Continue Reading

How to keep the garage floor clean

How to Keep the Garage Floor Clean?

Cleaning the garage and the garage floor is the least favorite task to do for most people. But, without giving it a good clean, there is no way of keeping it clean.If left untouched, clutter builds up and not to mention the damage dust, dirt, stains, and chemicals can cause to your garage floor.Thus, if … Continue Reading

How to use a shop vac as a blower

How to Use a Shop Vac As a Blower?

If you are one of the many who own a wet and dry shop vac, you know how powerful this vacuum is. You may also be aware that these tools are extremely versatile. They can be used for a variety of different cleaning tasks around the house, garage, in a workshop, and more. They are appliances … Continue Reading

Best way to clean interior car windows

Best way to clean interior car windows

Cleaning interior car windows sound like a relatively easy task until you try to do the job. There is nothing worse than driving with a dirty car window or windows that are hazy or foggy.The only way to feel more comfortable on the road again is to clean the car windows. But, getting rid of … Continue Reading

What Kind of Pipe is Used for Central Vacuum SmartVacuumguide

What Kind of Pipe is Used for Central Vacuum

Your newly purchased central vacuum system unit is going to need you to install piping in order for it to work.But, what kind of pipe is used for central vacuum systems?There is an option of three kinds of pipe for you to choose from when installing a central vacuum cleaning system throughout your home:Central vacuum … Continue Reading